A star in the making By: blanca Estrada

Senior Jacqueline Galliano has always had a passion for performing arts. She started dancing when her mother signed her up for ballet classes at the Mount Prospect Park District. After the first class, Galliano recalls "falling in love with it."

She has done almost all types of dances such as jazz, hip-hop, tap, contemporary and ballet; however, she stopped with ballet during her sophomore year at Prospect High School.

From left to right: Katie Sipko (junior), Audrey Duetsch (sophomore), Mackenzie Folkers (senior), Jacqueline Galliano (senior), Taylor Mueller (junior). The picture is from their Momentum Dance Recital. The group of girls danced a jazz routine to Move Your Body by Sia.

Galliano wants to keep on learning different type of dance styles. She wants to learn how to ballroom, salsa, tango, and bachata. Although she has some background in them, she wants to keep on learning more.

Furthermore, Galliano also has a passion for singing. Just like dance, it developed at a young age because she used to sing in front of her family members.

I just loved making my brother and sister put on performances ... I would always make them sit down, and I'll say 'I have a new show for you.'

A regular day consists of Galliano waking up around 7:00 - 7:10 a.m. Depending on the day, she'll have to stay after school for musical rehearsals to 4:30 or 5:30 p.m.

If it's a Monday or Wednesday, she'll have Company afterward until 9:00 p.m. However, if it's a Tuesday, she'll have voice lessons.

Thursdays and Saturdays are mostly her dance days. She has Impulse (a dance ensemble) for two hours on Saturdays.

Her biggest inspiration in Galliano doing what she does is her friends and her mother.

My friends always push me to do my best and to keep going...They tell me to do what I do no matter what and to focus on what I love.

After reconsidering a career in the arts last year, her mother was the one that pushed her to go for her dreams.

My mom told me 'You got to push through those obstacles. There's going to be obstacles all through your life but you got to keep going.'

Photograph of Galliano with sister and mother.

Galliano plans to BA in Theater Studies and majoring in secondary education with a possible minor in dance. Although she is not entirely sure of what college she will be attending, she does a few in the list. Her top four are Syracuse University, Illinois Wesleyan, Western Michigan, and Marquette University.

When Galliano mentioned to her parents that she wanted to pursue a career in performing arts, they were a bit nervous. Her dad has reminded her several times to make sure she has a backup plan to work with theater. Nevertheless, they've been supportive of her decision.

From left to right: Margaret Heil and Galliano after Show Choir placed third in the Muscatine High School River City Showcase.

Right now, Galliano is involved in numerous performing arts activities. She is part of Show Choir, Choir, Impulse Dance Ensemble, and has a role in this year's Prospect's musical, Chicago. She's cast as Annie, which is one of the murder mistresses.

In the next 20 years, Galliano hopes to see herself performing professionally with a company or choreographing for a company.

No matter what I do I'll still be singing and dancing... even if my career changes, I'll still bring it around and use it.
Pictures are all courtesy of Galliano.
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