Food Insecurity in Manhattan Trey Cullins and Jake Anderson

A Communtity Issue

Pictured above is Eisenhower Middle School. We were able to see the “BackSack” program that is in every Manhattan school. The program sends students home on Friday with enough food to last the weekend.

Pictured on the right is an example of what at BackSack consists of.

Food At First Glance

Vending machines catch the hungry eye before a Food Pantry does. These machines are a mere 500 feet from the free food pantry in the basement of Bluemont Hall.

Just Another Door

This is the food pantry in the basement of Bluemont Hall. This is the only sign in the building acknowledging its existence.

A Hidden Gem

Pictured here is the inside of the food pantry in Bluemont Hall. Being tucked away in an area of low visibility hinders students of need’s access to its resources.

Cats’ Cupboard Drop Off

The donation drop off for Cats’ Cupboard is tucked behind a corner on the main floor of the KSU Union; however, thousands of students walk by without a second thought.

Cats’ Cupboard in Fairchild Hall

Top Left: The hallway in Fairchild Hall leading to the food pantry is long and holds only a small sign, prompting the location to feel hidden. Top Right: The door to the pantry itself has much more advertisement than seen elsewhere. Bottom: There are many resources within the pantry: food, cooking utensils, hygienic products, etc. If more students were aware, they could be less financially stressed.

A Single Can

This empty shelf of expiring food is located outside of the Cats’ Cupboard in a much more visible location. It is heavily used; one might wonder if the rest of the pantry would look the same if it was given similar treatment.


Created with images by Spencer Davis - untitled image