Detective Hastings By viviana Canales

Spencer Hastings is a private detective that lives in Rosemont, PA. She has small brown eyes, wavy brown hair, pretty, wears plaid, fancy black shoes, and has her hair down. Her strengths are very simple, very serious, smart, and always looks sophisticated. Spencer has a strong personality, in that case she has no weaknesses. She is also trilingual, she speaks, English, Spanish, and French.

There's a killer on the loose that goes by the name of A. Spencer is a little stressed because, her best friend, Aviana was killed tonight by A. Spencer doesn't know what to feel at the moment, but she does know she has to investigate more on this to catch the killer and send him away to jail. for life. The killer always wears black. Black gloves, hoodie, boots, jeans, shirt, and mask. He or she never ever gets caught. This time, Spencer is going to make a change and put them to justice.

Spencer and Aviana had a sleepover at Spencer's house. Aviana had told Spencer that she was going to get something to eat and Spencer stayed. Aviana leaves and Spencer is watching TV. An hour later, Spencer gets a call from her boss, saying that they found Aviana on the street, outside of her car, ....... murdered. Spencer was in shock and regretted not going with her. Spencer and another detective take pictures, DNA, blood on the clothes, anything to find out who the killer is. Spencer goes to the police station to invest more time with the evidence that she has. There were two different blood types on Aviana's body. The first one was obviously Aviana's and the second one they didn't know who. The only person with her that whole entire day was Spencer. That was the police's first suspect. They took some of her blood and it was a match.

Spencer was so mortified. She knew she didn't kill her own best friend. The police got Spencer and put her in a room with a chair to discuss some questions with her. Police questions, " Where were you when Aviana went to go get dinner?" Spencer responds, " I was at home watching Tv waiting for her" Police asks, " Have you and Aviana ever gotten into fights or arguments?" Spencer responds, " No, we have never gotten into any arguments or fights." Police says, "Do you know anyone that she may have been afraid of or gottten into trouble with?" Spencer responds, " No she was such a happy person." Police, " Well do you have any other family members or friends." Spencer says, " Well, I have a twin named Stacy, we were close when we were little but not so much she lives in the city." Police, " Get her to come down here immediately." Spencer nods.

She calls her sister into the police station and asks her the same questions the police asked her. Spencer’s sister, Stacy, was very quiet and timid most of her life. Spencer was the more outgoing. Spencer comes out of the office by herself and tells the police that she thinks it’s her sister. She told the police she looked very nervous and was more quiet than usual. Once the police nodded they all go back into the office and Stacy is gone! The police send a search party immediately. They tell Spencer not to worry and they’ll let her know in the morning if they have found her sister or not. On the way home, Spencer sees someone in a car following her. She gets off and sees that it’s Stacy. She sees that Stacy is crying and immediately calls for backup subtly.

“What happened?” Spencer asks. “ I killed her ok? I killed Aviana!” Stacy cries. Spencer doesn’t know what to say or think but right now she has to act like a detective and not as a sister for a moment. In her mind she told herself that she found who the killer was she did her job and now she’s at peace. Stacy starts chattering about how she was always jealous of Spencer. That she was the prettier one, smarter, more caring one. She was the perfect child, while Stacy was her shadow always behind you and the one no one notices. "The way you’re feeling right now, is the way I felt every day because of you!” Stacy blames on Spencer. In the background Spencer can hear the police and she starts to sob. The police finally arrive and Stacy starts to sob while getting out of the car with her hands up.

The killer A, Stacy Hastings, was finally caught and arrested for the law of murderer. Ever since then, there hasn't been another murder. Spencer was at peace.


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