midweek sessions By: aaliyah robertson

Title Part 1:When I first look at this title I simply think that whatever I'm about to be reading is deep. Midweek sessions automatically make me think of visiting a therapist. If this was a different poem that was written by another author I wouldn't have thought the same way.

Title Part 2: My impression on the title stayed the same as before I read it. I just started to understand the truest meaning of the title than before.

Stanza 1: In the first stanza of the poem the author is basically hinting that she went through something traumatic in her life that's difficult to forget about. And that this specific even is also flowing through her.

Stanza 2: For the second stanza the author is telling us when she was younger the therapist put in front of her a doll. She then states how these dolls are about the same size that her uncle likes touching. Then that's when I as a reader understand why she's in therapy. She's not in therapy for her uncles playfully tickles or anything like that. She's in therapy for being raped by someone who was close to her and that she's suppose to trust her uncle.

Stanza 3: For the third stanza we know for sure that Rupi Kaur the author was raped. Because in this stanza the therapist asked her ''point to where his hands were'' she then points in between the dolls legs.

Stanza 4: In the last stanza the author barley chokes out the words "fine numb really". I think that the stanza just shows how difficult for her to talk about. Kaur is so scared she doesn't feel anything anymore. Everything just seems numb.

Shift: The only shift happens in the first line of the second stanza and it reads ''the therapist places''. The location of the poem then shifts to a therapist office and the poem is not longer just taking place in the unknown.

Theme: The universal theme of the poem is that it's okay to be hurt and teared apart but you can over come it.Another theme that I'm getting from the poem that the first part of dealing with an immense issue like this is to actually say it out loud to make it real .This a lesson that you can apply to every day life even though it's focused on the fact that the author is a victim of rape.

Attitude: The tone that I get from the poem is someone that's hurt and distraught. But at the same time I believe that she has over come a massive burden in her life. In another one of the authors pieces s ''the rape will-tear you in half-but it will not end you. At the end of the poem I then realized that the authors story is not finished and she's going to continue an grow and over come this tragic event that she sadly faced in her adolescent years.

Created By
Aaliyah Robertson


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