Decagon Prom and Graduation swboces Center for special services | JUNE 14, 2018

The Decagon Building on the Rye Lake Campus hosted its first ever prom following the annual graduation ceremony there last month.

Student Tara Olivia of Valhalla was the graduating student from the AIIM program at the Decagon, and Tara was the star of the prom itself.

Thirty-five students attended the event, which featured balloons, streamers and other prom decor, along with a DJ to provide dance music, a photo booth and refreshments served by Special Services faculty and staff. Students made the centerpieces themselves.

Decagon Principal Allison Emig said her team came up with the idea for giving students a prom-style experience such as would be seen in any other school setting.

"It really was just the teachers coming together and transforming the Decagon into a ballroom for them," she said. "It was just an unbelievable event."

The event showed her team's dedication to the kids. They wanted the students to sit back enjoy the day and be catered to. The kids danced nonstop for hours, stopping just long enough to eat before getting right back on the dance floor.

Emig said she was happy to provide her support in making the event a reality.

"It really illustrated our values and showed how connected our learning environment has become and how much we value and respect each other," Emig said, calling it a highlight of her two years as principal at Rye Lake. "There's no limitation. We'll give these kids whatever it is they need."

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