Casting Agent By:Andrew Andrade

JuliuS Caesar

Vin Diesal is like Caesar because he controls everything and is the leader.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan is like Brutus because he want to kill people and wants everything his way.


Liam Neeson is like Cassius because he wants to kill people to make everything right.

Mark Antony

Andrew Lincoln is like Antony because he wants to get revenge whoever killed his friends or family.


Johnny Depp is like Calpurnia because he has had visions when he was a kid and it all came to be a reality.


Paul Walker is like Portia because they both died and they both wanted to kill bad guys in a movie or script.


Mark Wahlburg is like Octavius because Octavius wants to help Antony and Mark Wahlburg wants to help people.


Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is like the soothsayer because the soothsayer warns Caesar and The Rock warns everybody in a movie that they are going to fight.


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