Andrew Carnegie The Robber baron

Andrew Carnegie destroyed other companies in his industry crushing the dreams of hopeful immigrants. He gave no one else a chance of having any part in the industry. Today sometimes the greatest minds meet and talk but back then they just tried to destroy each other.

A modern steel mill

A steel bridge

Carnegie's double job

Andrew Carnegie used the lower wages to fix his image to the rich public by using the extra money to give donations and build mega-structures for other wealth people.

Carnegie's castle

While Carnegie was making $92,000 a day while his men made just $1.81 in that same day. The payment he was giving could not support a common family of 6 with that payment. Those families needed at least $600 a year to survive. Carnegie should have treated his workers better than that making all the money that he did.

Andrew Carnegie was a class A Robber Baron with a hunger for wealth at no cost to him.

Now in this day and age the money making robber baron is Apple.

The next robber baron?

Apple is an robber baron because every new generation comes out with little change from last generation and they make you buy the new one so the updates work.

The price of a new phone could be $700 and a new computer $1200 which is way to much for any company to charge.

The workers in china are paid $1.50 an hour on 11 shifts 6-days a week. The sellers here are paid $9-$30 an hour. The apple company does not pay its workers enough to survive.

Most apple products on the market


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