Securing Success: Women's Leadership and the Workplace London womens Leadership network; 24th january 2017 #lead4succEss

Harriet Minter opened the day with her tips for successful leadership

Next, a panel of men and women discussed the first plenary topic: "Job sharing: career suicide or the effective workforce of the future"

Job share increases diversity and maximises added value.

Top tips for success:

• develop a joint CV, work your differences, develop and promote your brand

• develop shared values to minimise conflict

• joint accountability: not good cop, bad cop;

• create opportunities and design the role for organisations, don't wait for them to do it for you

• have courage to ask for what you want

• job sharing doesn't mean you aren't up to the job

• be the architect of your joint working relationship

Find your perfect job share:

We were also introduced to Timewise and the positive impact and benefits of flexible working

The first breakout session was about "Bridging Generation Gap between X and Y"

Senior leaders need to learn how to use the right language to communicate across generations

Senior leaders need to realise their juniors as assets when it comes to technology so they aren't left behind

In the other breakout session, Prof Louise Mullany from Nottingham University led a session on breaking stereotypes and language myths.

She explained the principle of the 'double bind' and how this can affect women getting the careers they want.

In the break, we had the opportunity to hear the experiences of real women at the top (and grab a quick photo!)

The Darzi ladies learning from Tara Donnelly of the Health Innovation Network (HIN)

We learned about the HeforShe campaign and how men can be powerful advocates for women in the work place and in society

One of the new ideas from the Network was a Leader'sBook group to share those titles that inspired your own leadership journey with others

Our favourite picks were:

  • Tara Mohr - Playing Big
  • Gretchen Rubin - Better than Before
  • Sheryl Sandberg - Lean In
  • Sheila Heen - Thanks for the Feedback

The afternoon breakout sessions started with Ian Dodds who talked about how to engage men in the work place to build and inclusive leadership culture.

He encouraged us to think about how we help men to help women, using knowledge of our gender difference tendencies

Key learning points

The other afternoon breakout was "Personal Power and Self Belief" with Valerie James.

"Power is who you are not what you have"

"We are not here to mimic men, we are here to learn from men and how we can do it our way"

She spoke about preparing for interviews and selling yourself, the USP being collaborative not competitive working

More, now than ever, we need to ensure that women are involved in strategic change at every level.

The business case for diversity in the board room is clear: organisations must identify their blind spots to remain relevant and productive.

"Everyone is a leader. Everyone gets to have a say in things"

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