Ways to make Rajkot a drought free city By-Dhanya Puar

Ways to make Rajkot a drought free city

Rajkot is one of the most drought prone cities in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat itself is is one of the most drought prone states in India. The last drought in Rajkot was in year 2012-13.The main reason for droughts here is less rainfall. Every year, Gujarat receives only 200 mm to 700 mm rainfall.But we cannot wholly blame rain for droughts. We are also responsible in some ways for causing droughts. Every day, an average person wastes 100 to 200 litres of water per every 75 litres he/she uses.

Some ways to save water while domestic uses are: practice Rainwater Harvesting, install flush tanks in your house as they use only 1/3 amount of water used by normal flushes, try to fix a leak in your tap, flush or shower immediately, try to take bucket baths instead of showers

The amount of water used every day in the form of a pie chart

A video on how to save water in domestic purposes.

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