The Beautiful yet Invasive European Frog Bit/ Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae. By:Samantha brown

(These are three images of the European Frog Bit.)


The European Frog Bit's Kingdom is the plant kingdom. It's Phylum is Angiosperms and bit's Class is Monocots it's Order is Alismateles and Genus is Hydrocharis.

Structural and Behavioral Adaptations

Structural adaptations of the European frog bit are round smooth, leathery feeling heart shape leaves. Has long stalks about 2 1/2 inches that form a rosette on a short steam. They are 3 pedal flowers, thats roots hang beneath the surface of the water. Behaviral adaptations of the european frog bit are that it spreads close together so it is hard for the water to flow and continue and also stops sunlight.

Natural Habitat/ Invaded Ecosystems

European Frog Bit was originally from Switzerland, and was intentionally migrated to Canada and theĀ United States of America. Now it is native to Eurasia's wetlands. The European Frog Bit prefers shallow ponds and marshes. This plant was in a Quebec green house and quickly.

(Leaves of The European Frog Bit)

(Up close Photo of The European Frog Bit)

How It Migrates

The European Frog Bit migrates by breaking apart in the water so the flow can push it then it spreads, luckily it can not cross land. Also has had an assisted migration over land.

( Hydrocharis morsus ranae )

Negative/ Positive impacts

One negative impact is how it becomes so thick that boats can no longer move through, and also limits amount of light that enters the water leaving the other specie below without sunlight and not being able to grow. Not only that it also spreads super quickly. Now for the positive, you would think that an invasive species would have no positive impacts and you are right most don't but this one does it is easily pulled out of the water because it is free floating.

Efforts to Control This Invasive Species

Luckily these plants can be collected by hand so if you see one pull it out. Also the use of chemical herbicides. And mechanical harvesters away from rivers and lakes.

(The Beautiful yet invasive European Frog Bit.)

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