Newsletter 12th February 2021

Headteacher Comment

As we reach the end of a freezing week. I'd like to wish everyone a "happy half term break", and I encourage you all to have a good rest from learning at home, in school, or wherever you have been learning from. Teachers and families, you have all been incredible and I am inspired by your dedication to your children's learning. We expect the Prime Minister to make an announcement on the 22nd February about whether schools will be returning in March, so I do encourage you to keep up to date with news about this. Whatever the outcome, I will let you know Greenfields' plans in good time.

This week we have learnt more about online safety as it has been 'Safer Internet Day 2021' and welcomed in the Chinese New Year. This year it is the Year of the honest and earnest Ox. Oxen are low key and never look for praise or to be the center of attention. Hard working, they believe that everyone should do what’s asked of them and stay within their rules. Though they are kind, logically and make great leaders. I wonder how many of the children in this week's Newsletter have these characteristics?

Before you log off, have you made sure you have booked a meeting with your child's class teacher for Tuesday 23rd February? Please make sure you have checked your messages for the link, or access bookings via the MCAS app.

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 23rd February

Mrs Appleby

Jigsaw Live: Year Three Explore their Dreams and Goals

Over the past few weeks, children in Year Three have spent valuable time exploring their ’Dreams and Goals’ Jigsaw topic through a series of live, interactive sessions delivered by Mr Leach. To begin with, they began to unpick the concept of a challenge by learning about and discussing the different challenges that people face, as well as considering how these people have persevered and overcome these challenges to achieve success.

Fittingly, we explored the concept of growth mindset, where children learned that to be successful, we should take on new challenges and believe that we can become good at something if we persevere, practice and seek support when needed. In addition to this, the children have spent some time exploring their own dreams and ambitions for what they want to achieve in their life and discussing how they might feel when they come to achieve these goals.

It was great to see the ambitious goals that many children have in Year 3 have, including, but not limited to, becoming a vet, learning to ride a horse, becoming a teacher and training to become a football player. In order to motivate and inspire pupils to strive to achieve their dreams and ambitions, they reflected on a very fitting and moving message from Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States of America, who stated the following during her victory speech: “Dream with ambition, lead with conviction and see yourselves in a way that others may not simply because they have never seen it before!”.

To round off their Jigsaw lessons this term, all children in Year Three were set a unique and engaging challenge, which required them to create a garden decoration to display in the Garden of Dreams and Goals. Although this was not an easy challenge, the children embraced this challenge with open arms and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr Leach and Mrs Wensley are very impressed with the vast range of amazing, colourful and intriguing garden decorations that the children have created. Please take some time to explore the wonderful work that children have completed by following the link to our Padlet:

Year 3

Exploring Chinese New Year in Nursery

This week in Nursery the children have been learning about Chinese New Year. they loved trying food, making lanterns, messy play and even had a go at writing their names in Chinese.


Happy Chinese New Year

Today in Reception the children have enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year, they read the story, found out what animal they are, made lanterns, Chinese dragon masks and danced to Chinese music.


Forest School Art

The Year One children enjoyed completing a forest school activity this week. It involved them getting outdoors and making their own paint using different materials. They used mud, berries, flowers and food colouring. Some children even used sticks and stems to paint their pictures with.

Alexander and Ali -Year 1

Don't forget Pancake Day!

Just a quick reminder from Ladybirds that its Pancake day on Tuesday 16th February.


Busy Bees' Hand Printing

Some of the amazing salt dough handprints made by Busy Bees and Dragonflies . Isla-Rose even made a salt dough paw print with help from her dog Ebony .

Busy Bees

Go Noodle

Year Six understand the importance of keeping their bodies healthy, which in turn helps keep their minds sharp. They always start their day with a few Go Noodle moves.

Year Six

Fairtrade for all....

This week in Year Four/Five children having been working incredibly hard on promoting Fairtrade products. We all feel it is so important that farmers get a fair price for a hard day’s work.

The children came up with some fantastic posters to promote Fairtrade and have even been encouraging their friends and family to buy products that are Fairtrade.

Aiza came up with a fantastic rhyme too; Whatever the farmers want to sell Cocoa, coffee or rice Fair trade is the way to go as farmers get the perfect price.

Year 4/5

World Book Day

Greenfields are again participating in World Book Day on Thursday 4th March so look out for all of the fun activities your teacher has instore for you on Google Classroom.

Headteacher Award

  • Ladybirds - Marika
  • Dragonflies - Evelyn
  • Busy Bees -Lola
  • Happy Hyenas - Janoah
  • Terrific Tigers - Ebony
  • Excellent Elephants - Millie
  • Smart Snakes - Sanna
  • Cheeky Monkeys - Zachary
  • Marvellous Meerkats - Milita
  • Remarkable Rhinos - Kian
  • Super Sharks - Jewel
  • Champion Cheetahs - Jake
  • Proud Lions - Ceira-Molly
  • Soaring Eagles - Ben

Behaviour Award

The class with the most positive points this term is...

Soaring Eagles!

Positive Points Awards

In first place for the most positive points is.......

Smart Snakes!

Smart Snakes

House Cup

Congratulations to this week's winner.....



Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where you will find Greenfields' amazing virtual classrooms full of chat and lots of hard work! If you have not used Google Classroom before, or you are new to Greenfields, please follow this link that explains how to log on to a PC, Android or Apple device. You will need your child’s email address and password, and the class codes below:

Home school agreement

As we become more used to our online way of working, we thought it was important to add to our home/school agreement (that you signed when your child started at Greenfields) to include online learning. Please follow the link below to complete this short addition relating to online learning with Greenfields Primary School and Nursery.

Class Code and Google Link

Teachers are looking forward to posting their ‘Flipping Greenfields’ videos this Friday in time for the weekend. Each one is all about next week’s learning, so will get your child prepared for a flying start on Monday. Research shows that children who feel prepared for the coming week are less anxious about school, happier to get up and go on a Monday morning and achieve better than those who are not.

Just a quick COVID reminder

Please help us keep the school and its community safe by:

  • Keeping to the pick-up and drop-off times, and limiting your contact with school staff at these times
  • Keeping your distance from other families in the playground
  • Following the one-way system
  • Wearing a face covering when you are on the school grounds
  • Limiting the number of adults picking up children to 1. If you have a teenager, or partner who is currently dropping off/picking up with you, please ask them to remain off-site.

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Breakfast Club

Notification of price increase starting September 2021

As you know Greenfields offer wraparound care from 7.30am until 6pm every school day. Unfortunately, due to the continued strain on budgets we have had to increase the cost of Breakfast Club.

From September the price will be £3 per child per day. The £3 charge is used to staff the Breakfast Club regardless if your child attends at 7.30am or 8.15am. Of course you will still be required to book your place in advance of care required. Please understand we have not taken this increase lightly but unfortunately we have no alternative.

Virtual Pupil Progress Meeting

This term, we are holding 5 minute virtual meetings on Tuesday 23rd February to enable parents to discuss their child(ren)'s progress so far this school year. Please book via the MyChildAtSchool App. Click on the 3 red lines at the top left of the screen. Choose parents evening on the menu. You will need to repeat these steps for any siblings at Greenfields by clicking on the student at the top of the menu. You will receive link from the teacher to click on for the meeting.

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Dates for your Diary

February Break - Last day in school is Friday 12th February 2021. School re-opens to the children on Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Virtual Pupil Progress Meeting - 23rd February 2021 12:30-18:00

World Book Day - 4th March 2021

Easter Break - Last day in school is Friday 26th March 2021. School re-opens to the children on Monday 12th April 2021

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