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Hello Gorgeous!

Let me help you reconnect with your inner bombshell.

A boudoir session is a powerful experience. As women, we take care of literally EVERY other person in our lives, often leaving us last. We're tired. We spend our days rushing from place to place ensuring tasks are completed. There's hardly time to pause and allow ourselves to breathe, let alone unleash our sexier side.

At Marmalade Boudoir, our mission is to reconnect you with that inner bombshell. She's still in there. Buried under years of busy, years of raising children, years of building your career, years of feeling unsexy. I promise, we will find her and bring her out.

Hi, I'm Marinda!

I'm the girl behind the camera at Marmalade Boudoir. I've been empowering women through boudoir photography for over a decade. I'm blessed to say that I have the best job ever. Helping women reconnect with themselves is one of my greatest accomplishments in life. Seeing a timid nervous woman walk through my studio doors, allow herself to be pampered, come alive in front of my camera, and then leave feeling like a complete badass makes my heart go pitter patter.

Fun facts about me: I'm a wife of almost twenty years. I have three teenagers (send wine). I'm a fur mom to two silly English Bulldogs. I drive a Jeep Wrangler and I'm obsessed with it. I fully believe that leopard is a color. I could eat tacos every single day. Dry wine, craft beer, and top shelf margaritas are my faves. I thrive in chaos, as many creatives do!

A boudoir session is for every woman. There are no limits on age, size, or shape. Every woman deserves to feel like a bombshell.
All of my clients are real women. None of my clients are supermodels. They just leave feeling like one.

What clients are saying:

"She was amazing. She built me up by telling me how great I looked and was genuinely, visibly excited about some of them when she took them. She even showed me some of the pics on her camera. Just do it. It’s so empowering and one of the best things you can do for yourself. Marinda really makes you feel as beautiful as you really are." - T.L.
"Marinda made me feel comfortable. You reassured me that I wouldn’t be in any poses that would make me look unflattering. I never thought they would turn out so well. It was very difficult to pick my favorites. Do it! You won’t regret it. I promise." - B.K. 
"I was shocked! All of the images turned out so well, it was hard to narrow down the ones I wanted to keep! They made me feel beautiful and gave me the chance to see myself how my husband sees me. I still look at them weekly!" - K.C. 
"I wanted to surprise my husband and although he loved them, in the end, the whole experience seemed to be more for me. Marinda directed my every bend, arch and pose that it quickly eased my nerves. There wasn’t a single image I didn’t absolutely love!" - J.B. 
"Fear is stupid. So are regrets." - Marilyn Monroe

How does it work?

We pick a Monday or Thursday morning for your session. You show up. Let me and my hair and makeup pros take care of you. We go over your lingerie and outfit choices from either my closet or what you bring in. You relax and let me do the directing. You leave knowing that you're a freaking rockstar. We get together again in studio to help you select your favorite photos. Then you get your album and pull it out every time you need that reminder that you're A COMPLETE BADASS BABE.

So how much is it?

The session fee is $450.

A $300 retainer is due at booking to hold your date and time, with the remaining $150 due the day of your session.

These fees include the following:

  • An optional phone consultation
  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Exclusive access to my Client Lingerie Closet
  • Up to 90 minutes in studio
  • 2-3 outfit changes
  • Extensive body posing and facial expression coaching
  • Private same day photo reveal and ordering appointment

You have the option to pay your $300 retainer fees in full, or split it into two payments of $150. The initial $150 must be paid at the time of booking, with the remaining $150 due or rolled into a Marmalade Money Prepayment Plan within 14 days of booking.

All prints and products are purchased at the reveal and ordering appointment. Please note that all images not purchased the day of the reveal and ordering appointment are automatically purged within 24 hours.

The Luxe Collections

Collection One - $4000

($7600 Value)

10x10’’ Album w/ 30 images

10-image Folio Box

(3) 16x20’’ Metal Prints

Full Digital File Collection

Collection Two - $3000

($4900 value)

8x8’’ Album w/ 25 images

Full Digital File Collection

8x10’’ Bedside Metal Print

Collection Three - $2500

($3500 Value)

8x8’’ Album w/ 20 images

Corresponding Digital File Collection

Collection Four - $2200

(Value $2900)

Full Digital File Collection

8x10" Bedside Metal Print

Collection Five - $1800

($2200 Value)

10-image Folio Box

8x10’’ Bedside Metal Print

A la Carte

Folio Box

5x7" prints matted in 8x10" mattes

20 images: $2500

15 images: $2000

10 images: $1800


12x12’’ (40 images): $2200

10x10’’ (30 images): $1800

8x8’’ (20 images): $1500

Digital Images

Full Set - $2500

20 Digitals - $2000

Wall Art

(Add-on to a Folio Box or Album ONLY)

20x30’’ - $900

16x20’’ - $600

8x10’’ - $400

Payment Plans

Investing in your boudoir images will leave you with tangible memories. Memories that you can pull out 30 years from now and say "Damn! I was hot!". Those memories are worth it, however, they do come at a cost. I understand that budget is a big factor in your decision making process. Which is why I offer two payment plan options, along with accepting all major credit cards, check, or cash.


Applying for PayPal Credit is required before in house financing is offered. They offer no interest for 6 months, and you get to have your products ordered immediately.

You can CLICK HERE to apply. Decisions are made in just seconds.


The Marmalade Money program allows you to take your time paying off your collection BEFORE you even come in! Then on the day of your reveal and order appointment, you don’t have to worry about such a large expense all at once! You can enjoy the experience and you can always upgrade if you end up loving more images.

The Marmalade Money program allows you to pre-pay for your desired collection for up to 12 months in advance. Your Marmalade Money balance is applied to your order on reveal day.

Check out the program by clicking the link below.

***Starting in 2021, there will be NO post session in house financing. All payment plans will be pre-session with the Marmalade Money Program along with PayPal Credit. You are always welcome to pay in full at the day of your ordering appointment as well.

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Pricing is always subject to change. The only way to lock in the pricing you see on this page is to pay your retainer.

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