Lamp design How our lamp was made

We started making our lamp by making the base. We decided to make it a circle. We also decided that it would be a good idea to make it look like it is floating.

This is our base.

We stuck a smaller circle beneath the larger circle with PVA glue. We managed to make them circles by using a sanding machine.

The 2 pieces of wood were clamped together for 20 minutes.
Sanding machine

After we made the base, we started making the joints, 3 pieces of wood with Nut and bolt joins between them.

Holes for where the bolts go
We cut the bolts so that there is no end, and we could attach a wing nut on both sides.

After we attached the wood, we had to think of a way to attach the shade to the whole piece. We made a bulb holder fitting to attach the shade. We first planned it on sketch up. Then we made the real thing on wood.

Sketch up model
We made it using a saw and glue to attach it to the wood.

Now that we had finally made the main body of the lamp, it was time to make the shade.

Body of lamp

We decided to make the shade using scrap pieces of metal, just joined together. It was very irregular, but it worked, and it looked quite wild. We punched holes in the metal first, for pop rivets to join the pieces together, and to make a large hole in the shape for the bulb to go through.

Metal holepunch

We then used a rivet gun to fix the pieces in place.

Rivet gun and a pop rivet.

Finally, after we made the shade, we waxed the pieces of wood.

And finally, after all the pieces are joined together...


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