Romance is in the air but it's most likely in the movies

Maya Dennis, A&E critic

While there are some people who spend Valentine’s Day with the ones they love the most, a good portion of us are left alone sitting on the couch binging some new show or movie on Netflix. The “Rom-Com” is the perfect way to spend this February 14th if you’ve got nothing better to do. With its light-hearted feeling and hopeful tone, there’s no reason why you won’t feel better after watching one of these feel-good films.

No. 5 - Dirty Dancing

Now, I’ve only seen this film three times, but I promise you that those have been some of the best three times of my life. Also an ‘80s classic, “Dirty Dancing” creates that summer fling we all desperately wanted. While most of it seems highly unlikely, there’s always that thought in the back of your head that it could be possible. Of course, we’ve all seen this story play out a million times, but it feels different here. You fall in love -- and probably relate -- with Baby. And let’s be honest, Patrick Swayze has never been hotter. Sure there’s that one scene in “Ghost,” but does that really compare to the entirety of “Dirty Dancing”?

No. 4 - 500 Days of Summer

While this isn’t your traditional rom-com, its unconventional nature is what makes it so charming. Of course, the opening credits say the film is a work of fiction, but there’s a little hilarious tidbit towards the end, that makes you think otherwise. Its bittersweet ending also helps to make the film stand out among its peers. With so many romantic comedies that have been produced throughout the years, making something completely original can be hard. However, Director Marc Webb (“The Gifted”) pulls off making the film both sweet and depressing. All that being said, it’s perfect to watch at home alone with a tub of popcorn on your couch.

No. 3 - While You Were Sleeping

While I usually consider this one a Christmas film, there’s just something about it that always makes me happy after I’ve watched it. Sandra Bullock stars as Lucy in this wacky but relatable film about love, life, and family that just screams Romantic Comedy. Lucy is one of those characters that anybody can see themselves in. She’s shy and awkward, but also clever and witty. And once she starts to fall for her fake fiance’s brother, there’s no turning back. I always forget how wonderful this film is until winter break rolls around and I get the chance to watch it again. If it doesn’t make you smile, then, I guess you’re just dead inside.

No. 2 - 13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner became a romantic comedy queen when she starred alongside Mark Ruffalo in one of the greatest RomComs of all time. Seeing Garner go from 13 to 30 in a matter of minutes shows us how fast time passes. We also get to see how hilarious -- and fun -- it would be if you were to be transported to the future with a teenagers’ mental state. And with one of the best dance numbers, like, ever, “13 Going on 30” shows audiences what it’s like to see your dreams come true, even if they end up not being what you thought wanted in the first place.

No. 1 - 10 Things I Hate About You

The height of the ‘90s brought the world one the best romantic comedies of all time. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And Heath Ledger in a rom-com. How could it not be Number One on the list? The thing about this film that makes it different from others -- even though they all share a good amount of similarities -- is that it seems like it could happen to you. Sure films like “Love, Simon” and “Dirty Dancing” are fun, but they don’t always seem like attainable, real-life people. Kat and Patrick’s enemies to lovers trope gives the film a legit high school feel. The parties may look overzealous, but in the end, they feel almost exactly like the ones we have now. And on top of that, the soundtrack’s perfect.

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