The Good Life and Nature By robert Burwell

This particular exhibit piqued my interest because it reminded me of past camping experiences. Walking through the exhibit it fully immerses you in what it feels like to be within some forests within Florida. As you walk in you are met with a large rock formation, not big enough to be called a mountain, but formidable nonetheless. The way the exhibit was designed could not have been simulated in a book or through a picture, as it surrounded you with life-sized animals and trees, giving you a feeling that you were truly in the woods. I thought it was an interesting exhibit, as the signs that were located throughout pointed out various aspects of the flora, fauna, or landscape, very similar to some of the introductory hikes we used to give to younger scouts as we took them on their first camping trips. It made me realize how simple spreading the joy of nature can be through simple programs offered at your nearest state park.

I found my museum experience to be different than that of other museums I have visited in the past, because this one truly focused on the Floridian aspects of history. For example, this exhibit that showed the impacts that humans have on the environment was not given on a global perspective, but with examples that Floridians could understand as it is a part of our lives. Walking through the museum was also interesting just in terms of the variety of people that were walking through the various exhibits. There were quite a few students, but there also were many elderly couples showing their grandchildren around. Seeing the perspective of the small children was enjoyable, as they became excited with nearly ever exhibit. Their appreciation for the museum was interesting to me, as they are discovering entirely new ideas about the world they live in through these exhibits. Although as college students we do not know everything there is, many times you can walk through museums such as these quickly as it kind of all just blurs together. With the younger children, the museum provided opportunities to be involved while learning, whether it was walking through the butterfly garden or crawling through a model cave. After seeing the children's appreciation, reading this poster, and speaking to a volunteer in the butterfly garden, I certainly became very nervous about the future of the natural world around us. Considering I want to go into the field of technology, it made me want to find a way to continue to innovate in a more environmentally conscious manner.

I think the Natural History Museum reminds us to take time and realize how far we've come while appreciating the world around us. Throughout my time within the museum I saw countless examples of how the world used to be, with Native American exhibits showing how people in Florida lived. While I saw these exhibits I thought about how the technology that they had used to be considered new and modern, even if it was as simple as a dugout canoe. Then thinking about the numerous developments we have made to transportation where we can now go across the country or even into space, it truly allows me to think about how much we have developed. It also allows me to appreciate where we came from. Sitting in the butterfly garden allowed me to relax and just appreciate the nature around me. Many people today fail to see beauty in the lack of productivity as we live in a society that pushes us to constantly produce, but I believed the Natural History Museum allowed an escape from that society, even if only for a few hours.

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