One mistake Cathy nguyen

In the city of Seattle, Kimmie hill, sixteen years old living currently with her parents. I’ve been doing chores ever since I was nine which may consists of washing the dishes. I’ll always be in my room since there is nothing better for me to do. There are moments when I sit and just think about life and plan my future. I believe we all are special and can do what you think is the best for you that will make you happy. I stand in front of the mirror and see my reflection. I may just stare at myself. My curly brown hair. My white shirt that I wear everyday from cooking so often. My black flip flops that I wear all season. My green eyes.

Let’s talk about my parents.. Well ever since I was born, I never felt loved. I don’t understand if my parents don’t care about me then why are they raising me? Life has been tough ever since I was born and understood what was occurring in my life.

It’s time for school, wishing I didn't have to go. I’m in class and I face my head on the desk. Falling asleep in class makes most of my teachers hate me and then they give me lunch detention. On days when I feel like it, I ditch school with my friends and go to the park. I always get caught and the principal usually calls my parents but they don’t care. I never knew what was wrong from right because my parents never guided me. I walk down the staircase, I can hear my parents laughing and enjoying their meal. I spend time making their meals everyday from breakfast to dinner. After they finish their meals they go out to get dessert without me. Once I hear the door slam, I quickly run to the dinner table to find the leftovers they've left. There may be days that they finish all the food so I have to starve. Food crumbs on the floor. Spilled drinks on the table. Stains on the placemats. My parents would come home and wouldn't speak to me. What did I do? I always wash the dishes, I clear up the mess they would leave, I clean the entire house daily since it’s always a disaster. Yet I get no appreciation from my parents.

As I’m doing my chores, this particular night was odd I asked my parents if I can have a word with them. They ignored. I asked one more time and finally Mother sets her purse on the table and father hangs the keys on the hook. They went to the living room, sat down on the couch and were ready to listen to me for once. My palms were sweaty and my legs were shaking like crazy. I barely could breathe too. I thought to myself and knew that this was going to end badly. Drops of sweat trickled down by the side of my face. My hair looked like I just got done taking a shower but instead it was because my hair was just greasy in general. As I stared into my parents eyes I say, “Mom..Dad.. I’m pregnant.” Father took a sip of his hot tea. Suddenly, he threw his tea cup against the hardwood floor, stood up and said, “You are never allowed to step a foot inside this property ever again.” My father shook his head in disappointment. My mom’s reaction was to be expected. I knew mom wasn’t going to say anything. She glanced at me then walks slowly towards her bedroom door. So I did what was told and left a place that I once called home. But was it really home to me.

I knew that my life was over but most importantly the baby’s life was coming to an end. I had no faith and hope towards myself, I was on my own. No one was here to guide me through this situation. I thought to myself, “Why would I ever make such a horrible decision not knowing that there will be consequences.” I have to agree with my parents that my decisions needs to be well thought before I take action. Food and shelter was the main thing I’m worried at this moment. How is this going to work. There is no way to survive without any help. Everyday I walk the streets begging for money. My hair getting greasier as time had passed by, my clothes had only stains and my shirt had ripped holes. I’ve been crying for the past few days, everything has been tough for me. Knowing crying doesn’t fix my problems.

I feel like I have the flu. I rub my hands back and forth to create warmth. Everytime I see someone walk past me I feel like they’re going to do something bad to me. I’m scared. I look around. I’m leaning against the fence. Watching my surroundings. I see a family past by me. Laughing and smiling. Wishing that could be my family. I miss my parents I look up and see the dark sky with twinkling stars. Wishing I can come home. A stray cat comes up to me and starts licking my hand. My parents are the only people I surprisingly feel safe around. The way they’ve treated me in the past was tough but their childhood could of been terrible. I hear my stomach grumble. I need to use the bathroom right away but don’t know where to go. I see the woods right by the school. I don’t know if I should go and use the restroom there since no one will see me. I cough. My ears are pink. I have under eye bags. Eyes are sore for never getting enough sleep.

A few days passed by. Her mother and father were unsure if she should come home. Her mother said that Kimmie deserves to come home, she’s young and makes mistakes which was getting pregnant at age sixteen it wasn’t a wise choice but it’s her life.

“No matter what decisions Kimmie made I’ll still love her and we should both love her. She’s our daughter, I care about her more than I care about my life. Things has been tough for her ever since she was born, we both understand that our relationship caused Kimmie to behave this way. It always made her sad or depressed. We never asked how she felt and if we can help. So it’s our time to step in and sacrifice our life knowing we are there to support her.” says Kimmie’s mother. After the conversation, deciding whether Kimmie should be able to come home they finally agree to let Kimmie come home. Kimmie’s father leans for a kiss and wraps his arm around her.

Her parents gets into the truck and starts to search for her. Kimmie’s mother starts to cry and says, “Honey..I don’t know if we can find her what if something bad happened to her and the baby. They find her lying by the fence sound asleep with a small blanket covering her from the cold breeze blowing against her body. Her mother quickly runs to Kimmie and hugs her. Tears stream down her face. Her father stood there with no facial expression. Kimmie was awake and hugged her mother back. Her father says “it’s time to forget about the past and prepare for the future, we need to take you to the doctor in order to see if the baby is doing well.” Kimmie and her mother agreed. "Honey i'm glad we found you, I missed you. We are sorry."

Months and months has past by.. Things were normal. The baby is doing well. But this day was possibly the day! Her Mom and dad were in the kitchen fixing up breakfast until they heard Kimmie. She started to scream and cry obnoxiously. Her Dad took the keys off the hook and Kimmie’s mother ran to her bedroom and helped her get up. Off they went to the hospital.

I couldn’t breath. We arrived at the hospital. Three hours passed by. The nurse walked in with my baby. I was so happy. This feeling i’ve never had before.I wanted to name him Zane. I was shaking and crying. Mom and dad were amazed of what Zane looked like. “Welcome to the family zane!”, says Mom and Dad.

Two days later we left the hospital with Zane and went home. Days have past by, every morning they come to my bedroom and hand me a bowl of soup. At four pm they always give me an apple or any type of fruit. At nine pm they hand me a cup of milk. There may be days when they clean Zane up for me or just play with him. I’ll be in my room lying down relaxing. I can hear my mom boiling water for my hot tea. I can hear dad shaking the toys. Everyday my parents has spent most of their day at home helping me with Zane. I’m very grateful for them ,the past may had been tragic but experiencing the present and looking ahead of the future I know they’ll always be there for me.


  • Gay rights
  • Everyone is different
  • We all come from different places
  • all around the world
  • Different gender, age, life and personality
  • We all need to accept the fact
  • That we can be who we want to be
  • In this world we all have
  • Equal and fair individual rights
  • We don't label.
  • We don't compare.
  • We accept who they are.


  • Fall vibes
  • I see the red leaves
  • As I walk through the breeze
  • All the sounds I hear
  • I can hardly listen with my ear
  • With my perspective I see trees
  • All the leaves I hear with the leaves
  • I see appear
  • Crunch! Crunch! I love fall!


  • I am
  • I am a hardworking girl
  • I wonder if I am going to succeed in life
  • I hear dreading sounds, I make mistakes
  • I see myself in the mirror, with tears streaming down my face
  • I want to make my parents happy
  • I am a hardworking girl
  • I pretend to do homework
  • I feel my sore body
  • I touch the doorknobs everyday before I leave for school
  • I worry about my grades
  • I cry and stress
  • I am a hardworking girl
  • I understand life lessons
  • I say we all should work hard
  • I dream about things that are usually positive about life
  • I try my best that I potentially can
  • I want to see myself going to college with a successful life
  • Want something in life you gotta work for it


  • My parents
  • Do you care about your parents
  • the way they sacrifice their life just to make you happy
  • the reason they are raising you is
  • because they love you
  • the things day do for you
  • provide a home, education, needs and wants
  • they work to earn money for you
  • When you grow up are you going to take care of your parents
  • are you going to do the same as when they taught you
  • the life lessons you've learned from them


Be yourself

This year I want to do things that i’ve never done before. Show respect and be kind to my surroundings. Try new things and they don’t have to be just eating healthy..workout.. I want to stop procrastinating which is something everyone has done before. Don’t stress too much. Capture memorable moments. Love my parents and do everything I can to make them happy. Voice my opinions, be curious and ask questions. Spend all my time focusing on school work. I wanna understand that life is not perfect. Everyone has flaws and insecurities. We may laugh one day and cry then next day. Understand that sometimes things don’t turn out the way as planned. If you want something you have to work for it. There may be negative and positive path that leads to obstacles. My friends snd family will always be there for me to knowing that I am not a nobody.



Your life, your world. Clocks are everywhere. Each clock is in a dimension representing a period of time. One clock is abandon. Another clock is hung on a branch slowly dripping water to the sand. Meaning the terrible situations experienced causes us to think whether we should let go or forgive. Finally the last clock on the table means that you’ve learned from your mistakes from the past and tries to stand up, prevent the same things to let it never happen again. The clocks all look different. But this world is not perfect.


Night Hawks

It's the weekday, just finished working I'm tired and today has been a long day. Heading to a small place that is open just to take time to just think. I'm alone, I see a couple that seems tired. Needing some time to sit and think. I'm sitting drinking a cup of water, not sure what to do, I spent half my day looking for a job, I went to an interview and sadly did not get the job I desired to work at. I feel like a failure. I feel like I haven't achieved nothing in life. I feel like I'm a nobody that cannot stand up for myself. I give up. My life has been tragic. Silence is what it is. I picture something but it never looks like what I expect.


Life is a challenge

Life currently has been challenging in our family. My beloved kids don't go to school, our clothes has holes and smells awful. My husband, my lover, someone special in my life the one who I loved passed away two years ago because of a tragic car accident.” “All of a sudden a group of cops came to our front porch, knocking on the wooden door and for some reason demanding us to evacuate the house immediately, the kids were so scared and I was too. I did not know what was happening to our family. We all sat in front of the house then the cops told us to stay calm. “I'm afraid to tell you this is going to be tough but you're not going to be able to live in this house until you pay your house bill”. I was in shock, my heart was beating faster than ever. “But….my husband usually does all the things related to money!” “Yes.. where is he then.” “He passed away two years ago.” “It's your responsibility if you want the house.” “This is a personal issue we are here to do our job ma’am. Finally after this terrible conversation, I never knew I would ever hear. I'm not sure. How am I supposed to tell my kids they aren't going to understand. Not sure what to do. What’s going to happen to my kids future. Time has passed. Later a group of adults saw the three of us and they told us that something positive is going to happen. They’ll watch the kids while i’m at work! But the first step is to apply for a job. Things are going to be tough but i’m going to sacrifice my life and do everything just for the kids. No matter the situation i’ll always love and care about my kids.



Many people has a biased opinion against hoodies. There may be someone you know that wears hoodies everyday but then there is a different person that hates hoodies. The assortment of size, shape, color and design of hoodies sold in stores will catch shoppers attention. It may be soft and warm. Comfortable and casual, some people think it’s too casual. Do you think the trend of hoodies are ever gonna go out of style? I don't think so what would you wear during the winter time? Just coats? There's so many ways you can style your outfits with hoodies, jeans, leggings, joggers and ect. If you're ever on a rush to go somewhere, you can just throw your hoodie on and you'll be done and ready to leave in ten seconds.

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