My Poems By alma preciado

Loss. I hate that i have met you in the past. I hate how you go around letting all of us, Down. I pray to never see you again. For I am done shedding tears. I pray to never see you again. For I do not want you to be my friend.
Measurement. It’s used in everything. Beauty. Appearance. Attitude. Confidence. Career. Money. Measurement. It’s used everywhere. How fast you can think of the answer to the math problem. How fast you can run the mile in P.E. How long it takes you to finish a quiz in class. Measurement. It’s used everywhere.
In this photograph, you seem confused Happy- confused Almost impatient too. You were turning 3. That cake was probably the only thing on your mind. You are my cake. The only thing on my mind. It’s hard for me to look at you when you were young. So happy, worry free. To end up having to wish to see you in my dreams. I miss you more and more each day, But i know you are okay. Resting in heaven. Where we will be together some day.
Judgement is a cruel thing. Of course we all say it. But we don't like to admit it’s something we do. Judgement is a cruel thing. For we shouldn’t be using it. Being judged if you’re; Tall Short Ugly Unattractive Lazy Popular. Judgement It’s a cruel thing.


Created with images by ADD - "seagrass aquatic plant water" • anujd89 - "moonlit leaves" • EME - "meter tape measure measure" • RichardLey - "camera old retro" • succo - "hammer court judge"

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