ABC"s of Africa By Nilen

Africa is in the middle of the equator and is the second largest country in the world

animals on fossils

Berbers tribe have their own writing system and call themselves the Amazigh because they fought against French and Rome.


Chagga tribes live Mt. Kilimanjaro and were introduce to Christianity which became their main religion.

Chagga house

Dogon tribes are the mostly known for their religious tradition,mask, and wooden sculpture.

Dogon dance

Equator is an imaginary line that divide northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. It's also in the middle Africa which it divide the north and south.


Fulani people are a primary Muslim people and are originally a pastoral people.

Fulani people are a primary Muslim people and are originally a pastoral people.

Ghana empire is the first empire in Africa and their main sources is mining,iron, and gold.

Himba tribe are nomadic people who move around a lot to survive and they hunt and gather for food.

Islam is the world largest religion in the world and it mean to surrender.

Jungles have many dangerous animals and is unique from other animals .

Kalenjin tribe are nicotine people and can speak 5 different language.

Lake Victoria is name after queen Victoria and is the greatest lake in Africa.

Mali empire is the second empire after the Ghana empire. They are rule by Muslim and grew rich from salt and gold mine.

Niger river is 4180 km long and it's the cleanest river because there's less salt in water.

Oromo people are the largest group in ethic and speak 3 different language with 4 different religion.

Pangea is when earth was one big continent. Fossils were found all around the world because pangea fall a par.

Qur'an is a central religious text from Islam. They believe that it's a revelation from god

Rivers are use for trade route and for agriculture

Sahara desert is the largest desert in Africa and and the 3rd largest in the world

Timbuktu is historical and ship inhabited in Africa and greatest academic commeraor certain in the world

Uganda is the wild life contains chimpanzee along with rare bird.

Village tourist can experience first hand traditional way to life

Wine is a vine yard that has been producing wine and wine land are set in magnificent cape mountains.

Xhosa are a Bantu ethic group from South America. Their tribes last for 2 centuries.

Yoruba people are Christianity, Islam, and Yoruba religion. Their children are called Yuruba together they are knows as Yorubaland.

Zulu people are they largest ethic group in South African and their religion is Christianity and Zulu religion

Africa People


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