A Day at the Harn By: Corey Sprusansky

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

Gift Wood Bodhisattva

When I saw this wooden sculpture of a Buddhist deity known as a Bodhisattva on display I was truly taken back. The fine craftsmanship done on the wood work was amazing! For a piece of work that was crafted in the 18th century, a time without technology simply amazes me. The thought that works like this can be hand crafted and still look so perfect truly shows the skill of the sculptor. Another feature of this sculpture that blew me away was the paint work done on it. The orientation and use of colors in certain places made the details of the work noticeable and overall the sculpture splendid to view. The sculpture released a calming and relaxed vibe which originated from symmetry of the work.

Design of the Museum:

Within the museum, it contains an Asian Water Garden. It is a walk able garden with a footbridge and waterfall. It is the backdrop for the art located in the central gallery of the Cofrin Asian Art Wing. The garden itself contains plants from giant bamboo to Taiwan Cherry and Southern Magnolias. What I enjoyed most about this part of the museum is the peacefulness it expels. For me paintings and art hardly strike me emotionally. It is the true art of nature that gets to me and allows me to connect with my inner self.

Asian Water Garden

Art and Core Values:

Beauties in the Garden - Gu Luo

For me this painting depicts the core value of seeking and never giving up. From the eight independent painting within this work, we see different events in which this Chinese women has. For me it seems that she is on an adventure or quest to find or fulfill something. This strikes me as I value the ability to strive for goals and to never give up on them no matter the trials they create.

Art and the Good Life:

Although this painting I chose doesn't invoke any depictions of humans or human events it does convey a theme of the Good Life. With this painting we see two golden birds on a tree branch. They give the sense of natures innocence and beauty, many characteristic that humankind lacks to this day. For me this painting is a reminder to pursue becoming one with nature as it is perfect.

Yellow Poll Wood Warbler - John James Audubon
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