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student guidance
Kalaghoda - we went to Kalaghoda for our tuning in for our new unit Exhibition to know and understand how we can express ourselves by different ways and creative ideas .
Jehangir art gallery- Jehangir art gallery is a place where all the artist had displayed their work telling about different topics drawings,models,experiments and explanition to explain their work done.
Guest speakers- After are field trip we had many guest speakers and also some 6 grade students giving us information and experience .
Music- I enjoyed hearing different sounds of the instruments that our friends made . They also talked to us about how they felt and expressed their selves when they were playing the instruments.


guest speakers


my topic-



Our group


our first week- after forming our groups we went in our homerooms and did a activity where we have to make a bridge out of newspaper ,scissor and a tape .we enjoyed and had a lot of fun. heres a picture-

this is our group essential agreements -

essential agreements -

Respect everyone & their ideas ,Be Responsible & organised Time management, Collaborate and cooperate ,Be Committed ,Contribute well Be Reflective ,Be kind ,Be open - minded, HAVE FUN!!!

central idea-Through art people express their uniqueness to the world

lines of inquiry-

Forms of art - form

How art has evolved - change

How do people express themselves through art - perspective

concepts-form,change, perspective


8/3/17- Today we met our mentors and also started inquiring into our first line of inquiry.we picked popular which has different art forms continents,countries or cities and researched.

our mentors- Ms prithika & ms anuradha(anu)

meeting with mentors

atleast list of 4 things that need to be started in the next week

  • starting getting deatials
  • finish our research
  • get our art forms research finish

exit ticket-

I used to think how would be my team will corporate well. I used to think exhibition will be easy but now I realised its a big procedure . Now I think exhibition is exciting and it will take a big time to finish.

  • continue research
  • outcome

Thinking skills

Comprehension- I understood the main ideas when we were learning about the art forms

Application-I explored different options to choose how we can present our work

Acquisition of knowledge- I started to use specific vocabulary to share my ideas

Acquisition of knowledge- i remembered and talked about new knowledge to help my group members

learner profiles-


Ans 1- yes , I like my group as we are coordinating well and working together.we will be able to work together as a team.

Ans 2- 1-we all want to work on thing or coordinating ,2- hard topics to research,3- presenting our work, organising and displays & less time.

Ans 3-1- making displays ,presentations and organising,2- presenting our work to the audience

research skills

Collecting data- I interviewed someone to collect more data for more information

Presenting research findings- I used a variety of presenting techniques when I was organizing my work

Organising data - I made observations and conclusions about different art pieces while going to the field trip .

attitudes -


Enthusiasm- i am excited about learning about the new topics and different information or facts I learn. I am also enjoying the way i am learning

Curiosity- I want to know more about art and its different ways and culture in different places

Appreciation- i agreed everybody ideas and appreciated them

black hat

Ans 1- I was not able to understand some words when i was researching

I could had used more kid friendly sites

Ans 2- well in the starting we were not able to coordinate or communicate well

We could listen to everyone and come up with a conclusion

Ans 3- it was hard to research on topics which had less information on sites

I could had used books,magazines or newspapers

Ans 4 - sometimes we did not know what we had to do next

Before leaving the class we could had discussed what we

organisation rubric


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