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Hi, I'm Brian Hines, a blogger, author, and political activist. On May 19, 2020 Salem will vote on four City Council races. I realize that with the COVID-19 crisis forefront in most peoples' minds, it's difficult to focus on other issues. But I hope you'll cast a ballot in the May election.

I also hope that you'll vote for my favored candidates. Maybe you haven't been able to meet these people yet. They weren't able to knock on many doors or have neighborhood get-togethers because of the social distancing orders. But I've heard Virginia Stapleton, Trevor Phillips, and Vanessa Nordyke speak in person, and I've watched a video of Hollie Oakes-Miller talking about the policies she favors. Scroll down and you can see videos of each candidate.

I think you'll like what you see. Stapleton, Phillips, Oakes-Miller, and Nordyke are all well qualified to be a Salem City Councilor. In fact, Nordyke already is one, having been appointed to her seat following the resignation of Sally Cook due to the untimely death of her husband.

Like me, they lean liberal. Or if you like, progressive. However, most issues facing Salem don't fall neatly into a liberal/conservative divide. They require an open mind, compassion, and practical intelligence. These candidates have those qualities.

Here's the videos. I'll also share links to each candidate's web site.

Virginia Stapleton video

Trevor Phillips video

Hollie Oakes-Miller video

Vanessa Nordyke video

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