Forever My Love

Research And Development


From a previous university module, I had already developed a fascination with black silhouettes and decided that I wished to include them within my opening sequence. When researching past famous animated title sequences, I stumbled across the Mad Men opening titles. The sequence was based around one black silhouette within different situations and although there is not much movement within the scenes, it was still able to draw attention and if anything made the viewer pay more attention so as to focus more on the minimal movements. I also found the contrasting use of the black and white silhouettes against the colourful backgrounds very visually appealing and therefore decided that I wanted to use a similar strategy in my sequence.

Another opening sequence I found interesting is the Captain America (2014) ending titles. Once again I was intrigued with the use of silhouettes however in this sequence, they used an almost 3D effect which firstly makes the entire sequence more visually attractive for the viewers but its also gives the movements a more lifelike quality which in turns makes the sequence seem more intricate even though it features quite simple animation. There is minimal use of colour within this sequence which I believes works well as it allows the viewer the view every detail of the animation such as the way items shatter or the full movement of items such as the planes.

Genre and target audience

When creating my sequence, it was suggested that we choose a genre to help us create our sequence and also assist in appealing to a certain audience. I chose to make my genre a romance and decided that the audience I was targeting would be females aged from 15-30. The storyline of my sequence is basically showing romance throughout the ages (victorian, 60's and modern day) and I felt that my chosen age group would be more responsive since it is well known that females are more likely to be interested in films based around a romantic topic also the age range is in keeping with the age that woman become interested in romantic relationships and wish to feel loved thus I felt this would be the best group to aim my sequence towards.


1) A carriage comes across from the left of the screen. The wheels are also spinning.

2) The couple lean in and kiss each other.

3) TV static appears on the screen.

4) The astronaut is waving at the screen and the stars in the background are flickering.

5) A couple is watching the previous scene on TV. The woman the moves and leans her head on the man's shoulder and he leans his head into hers.

6) The previous scene is then seen as a screensaver on a computer, the mouse then moves over and clicks on a tab thus changing the screen.

7) The screen then shows a social media page and the mouse then travels to a heart thus "liking" the page.

8) The mouse then moves down to a video which is on the page and clicks it.

9) The name of the film appears.

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