What is the Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum Shannon Murphy

Medium of the Art

El Anatsui's Old Man's Cloth is a perfect example of artwork you must view in person to fully appreciate. Old Man's Cloth is a beautiful representation of colonial impact in Ghana. the artists birthplace. To fully appreciate the art, you must look closely to see what it is constructed of, flattened metal tops and liquor bottles from the colonists and woven cloth made by the people of Ghana. Other paintings and framed art can be easily viewed online or in a photograph to appreciate the work, but this 3-D construction must be viewed in person to truly understand what the artist was trying to portray. The cloth reveals the beautiful and cultural aspects of Ghana, while at the same time highlighting the disturbing side of colonization.

Design of the museum

This photograph portrays the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing in the Harn Museum. This exhibit was easily my favorite in the entire museum. The wood paneled floors and cabinets honestly inspired a sense of awe, it was beautiful. The rest of the museum was simply paintings hanging on white walls. The lighting and use of space made room appear bigger to me and sparked my interest to pay more attention to the art. In addition, the outside garden was truly alluring. It created a sense of calmness in me with the waterfall and different greenery.

art and core values

This artwork is a print created by The Guerrilla Girls, entitled Disturbing the Peace. It is composed of several quotes from various famous figures, demeaning women. I was first drawn to the print because I saw the name St. Thomas Aquinas. I come from a Roman Catholic family and my mother even attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School. When I looked closer at the familiar name I was appalled at the quotes upon the art. I sent my mom a quick shot right away because of how disgusted the quote "woman is defective and misbegotten...a male gone awry" by the saint made me feel. This print creates a sense of fire in me; women have come so far in the world, and we are still moving forward! Interestingly enough, soon after I saw this, the Woman's March occurred making me a little bit happier for the way in which women are showing their beliefs.

art and the good life

Yvonne Jacquette's Midtown Composite to me is an example for achieving the Good Life. Being able to live in a large and lively city (hopefully with a steady job) is definitely a dream of mine. I would love to reside in an area with an active community, filled with opportunity. Not everyone will see this artwork as embodying the Good Life, but to me it certainly does. This is even what makes the idea of the Good Life so special, it is different and means different things to every person.

*All pictures were taken by Dillon Farneti, Ally Campbell and myself with their permission. 

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