project Goals By Robrian Wartz-1st Period

Semester Goal

Attain better grades than that of last semester, being three A's and three B's

How I'm Going To Achieve This Goal

  • I will obtain a better grade by gaining 90% or higher on all assignments, test, classwork, and assessments.
  • I will also ask for help when ever I need it and use my morning, lunch,after school, and E.O.P. time wisely and productively.
"F.E.A.R. Has Two Meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise." - Zig Ziglar

English Class Goal

I will be more responsible with the work given to me in English class and come to class ready

Steps To Achieving This Goal

  • I will always check to see if there is work for me or not in my English folder
  • I will stay on task in class and keep from procrastinating while doing class work or homework
  • I will come to class well rested, bring the proper supplies for class, and eat breakfast to avoid being hungry
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" -Tim Notke

High School Goal

I will maintain a core G.P.A. of over 3.0 all throughout high school and become involved in as many sports as possible

How I Am Going To Meet My Goal

  • I will seek help and tutoring when I need it and keep on top of my classes to avoid falling behind
  • I will find out what other sports that are in my interest and join to become more involved
"Its hard to beat a person who never gives up"- Babe Ruth

After High School Goals

I will go to A.S.U. and study aeropspace engineering for four years and also work to get a spot on the A.S.U. football team and become a starter as well

Ways To Complete My Goal

  • I will Work hard in high school to get a scholarship and also try to be recruited on to the A.S.U. football team
  • I will practice every day on my football skills and practice catching drill as a wide receiver
  • I will attend extra curricular activities to further my academic growth
"Work in silence and let success make the noise" -Frank Ocean

Personal Growth Goals

Go to the weight room to work out and become stronger so that I am ready for JV football season

How I Am Going To Achieve My Goal

  • I will go to the weight room everyday after school to work out
  • I will do 100 push ups, crunches, and squats in my free time everyday
  • I will run 2 miles every day for a month
"Its what we do after the fall that creates or destroys our spirit" -Anoymuos
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Robrian Wartz


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