Compassion, Gladness, and Kinship Madeline Mcgrath

Chapter 3: Compassion

Chapter 3 says that compassion is God. When a lot of the homies found compassion for another homie, they also found God. It isn't just feeling bad for a person it is putting yourself in their shoes and showing empathy. What I got from this chapter was a better definition of compassion. To try putting yourself in their position, see where they are coming from. My favorite story was about Looney. He went and talked to G about his report card, which was 2 Cs, 2 Bs and 1 A. This isn't a very good report card but G remembered all of the things Looney had been through in his life and couldn't be prouder of him.

Chapter 7: Gladness

This chapter was about stories that had a good outcome. It showed me that things can always turn around and get better. Always have a positive attitude even though you have had a bad day or have made mistakes. My favorite story was about Rickie and Adam. They had just lost their younger brother and were devestated. So G decided to bring the two of them with him to a speech he had to do in San Francisco. They had to go on a plane, which Rickie and Adam had never been on before. Right when they were about to take off, both of them started to get really scared and think they were going to die. G kept messing with them. Once the plane successfully got into the air Adam and Rickie looked at eachother and said " I love doing this with you brother". This story shows me that even though you might not understand why something happened, you should always take a step back and admire it because it might of taught you something you didn't know.

Chapter 9: Kinship

This chapter was about understanding other people's problems and struggles. Father G says "it is what God presses on us". I think this means that once you find Kinship and also find God, Gladness, compassion, and other things. I think all of the meanings of the chapters, all together, mean Kinship. My favorite story was about Chico. One night Chico was shot and was in the hospital, not doing very good. A week later Chico's heart stops beating. At the funeral, G decides to go over to a tree alone and think about the loss he had just had. G usually doesn't cry, but he starts to cry. Kinship can also mean related in some way and I think this relates because G became so close to him that when Chico died, for Father G it was like losing his own son.

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