Gainesville's Natural History Museum My experience with our piece of history

My favorite exhibit was the Native American exhibit. The hut they had specially made this exhibit appealing to me. I felt immersed in the history of people who existed long more our society. This exhibit actually allowed me see how Native Americans were apart of history in a way that we often don't appreciate. This picture especially I loved because of the little girl showing no hatred. Children don't have prejudice, they simply want to see everything and I love their curiosity.
I was lucky enough for this butterfly to stay with me for about 20 minutes. This experience was a piece of nature that I would not have been able to typically have. This creature is a living thing and we as a society don't appreciate this. We just see ways to make money or inconveniences. Other's around me were also in awe of this realization that nature is something we need to appreciate and not knock down.
Homo Sapiens have existed for only a blink in time. We are not eternal and eventually nothing will remain of everything we try so hard to build. The dinosaur exhibit helped show this. These creatures ruled the earth and now not a single one is left. All that remains is bones and imprints. Eventually even these won't exist.

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