Drug problems in Hagerstown Eric & makenzie

Background- Hagerstown is known for its drug problem. Hagerstown heroin and opioid use has reached an all time high causing 1,468 deaths related to overdose (this was in Maryland not just Hagerstown)

What other places have done- in Chattanooga TN they have a drug hotline and they have a really good rehab place there for people and in Elizabeth New Jersey they have a lot of diffrent drug addiction help senders that people can go to and call as well. In general people can go to Group therapy sessions. Individual therapy sessions, educational lectures and skills training. Other ways are detoxification, behavioral counseling, medication to help with the addictions, (because most addictions have a mental health problem tied into it) evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and lastly long-term follow-up to prevent relaps.

Solution- our solution to help with this problem is we make posters or something with locations of drug rehab places with the numbers people can call and or put drug hotlines on a paper so people can take them and use them. This solution is an indirect solution as we wouldn't really have to face people.


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