Living a life of Gratitude Expect nothing and APPRECIATE everything

I think gratitude is important because it is one of the building blocks to being not just a good person but to good feelings and having fun and relaxing with friends.

My very own "10 Reasons to be Thankful"

In no order what so ever here are my top 10 ten things i'm thankful for.

#1 Video games they have been a big part of my life because video games help me relax and have fun.

#2 YouTube It has be very helpful with guides but it can make me laugh and I have fun watching YouTube.

#3 Car because human life would be hard with out them and they can look and sound cool.

#4 Reading it is relaxing and can get very sad or very happy and it is always interesting to see whats coming next in the book.

#5 The gaming community it has made a place were I feel like I fit in.

#6 wild life because it can be cool and dangerous

#7 memes they make me laugh and can be funny

#8 Dogs they can be bad or funny or crazy

#8 Music because it can be calling and cool

#10 Friends are always there for you and you can always rely on them

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