Change Proposal: Intel Group 8


Strengths: Intel is the largest microprocessor manufacturer company in the world. Intel provides a variety of different types of processors to a multitude of different need

Weaknesses: The current generation is more interested in saving money than paying for quality. Lack of presence in certain markets that don’t involve computers

Opportunities: Faster technology is in demand every year.

Threats: Intel depends on quality which may not allow them to lower their prices to match the prices of competitors. Competitors are beating them in other markets outside of computers (mobile devices, entertainment systems, etc)

Proposed Change: Enter the video game console processor market

  • PlayStation 4 over 40 million sales, Xbox one over 20 million
  • AMD, its only main competitor has a monopoly on video game console processors
  • Microsoft and Sony already use Intel processors in their other product lines
  • The video game entertainment industry is relatively new and open to change
  • Intel is known and consistently shows their customers that they make high quality processors

Kotter's Change model

  1. Create sense of urgency: Next gen consoles are soon to be released
  2. Build a guiding coalition: Build a new processor team
  3. Form a strategic Vision and Initiatives: Imagine our new market
  4. Enlist a Volunteer Army: Excite customers and companies about the change
  5. Enable Action by removing barriers: Brand image, and price barrier
  6. Generate short term wins:  building a processor, testing the product, contracts with Sony and Microsoft.
  7. Sustain Acceleration: Quality control, and keep good relations with partners to make sure we can continue doing business with Microsoft/Sony
  8. Institute change: Become the exclusive provider of processors for Sony/Microsoft.



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