FIVE CANVAS HACKS By: Kamryn Baldeneboro

With the switch to Canvas for all of CCSD this school year from most teachers using Google Classroom or Schoology, it can be confusing to navigate it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you become a Canvas pro.


The calendar can be a very useful tool to let you know what's due and when. It also categorizes tasks by class, and you can change the class color as well to help you keep track.


The assignments tab, accessible from your courses, is another tool to help inform you what's due and when. It also tells you your grades for past assignments, and categorizes assignments into past, undated, and upcoming. You can also search for assignments using the search bar at the top.


Select a class, then click discussions. This tab will pop up with all of that course's assigned discussions. This can be a much easier way to access them rather than having to go through modules to get to it.


By default, your dashboard is in card view. If you switch to list view, a To-Do list will pop up showing all the tasks you have, both complete and incomplete. You can also create your own tasks if need be.


When you submit assignments, this pop-up shows at the bottom of the assignment description. You can move through the tabs to use the submission appropriate for your assignment.


Created with an image by Lauren Mancke - "Taking notes at coffee time"