Oh Sheila English 1010 for this odd project

I have had several cars, but I have never owned the car that I really wanted. When I graduated from high school, my mother would only help me get a car if it was a Hyundai Elantra. I hated that car because I was over six feet tall riding in a small car. Often, people stared at me, and some even made jokes when I drove to the neighborhood store. After a few years, I upgraded to a better car, which was a Chevy Impala.

It was a little bigger than my last car but still not the car I wanted. It was the only car my budget would allow to me have. I kept my Impala until this man, who fell asleep at the wheel, wrecked my car which was parked on the side of the street. I was glad the driver was not injured. My car was in terrible shape, and the insurance company ruled it out as totaled.

The next week, I went out car shopping to look for my next vehicle. Most of the cars I saw were too high or had too many miles. So, I made the decision to get a Nissan Maxima. That car started to grow on me because it had heated leather seats, heated steering wheel, a sunroof, and a new stereo with surround sound. I drove my Maxima everywhere. I went to Louisiana, Ohio, Nashville, and many other places, but after two years of riding my Nissan around, there were problems. First, it was the radiator. Next, it was an axle problem. Then, one night I was riding on the highway, and my car cut off while I was driving. I didn't know what was going on. Then, it came back on by itself while on the highway. I thought maybe this car is possessed. So, I kept riding, and I finally made it home. The next morning, I woke up and got dressed for work. While on my way, my car cutoff, and my engine was smoking. I got my car towed to the shop. They told me I needed a new engine and that it was time for me to let this car go. I had been spending more on this car than it was really worth.

I had had enough with this pattern of bad luck from these old vehicles. So, I went to Collierville Dodge to check out some new vehicles, and the first vehicle I fell in love with was a 2014 Dodge Challenger. It was blue with 20 inch wheels, and I loved it. I told the salesman to grab the keys because I wanted to take it for a ride. I first got in, crunk it up, and listened to the engine. When I turned the radio on, the song playing was called "Oh,Sheila". I said to the salesman, "Well, I guess the name for this car is Sheila."


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