Till it Happens to You

Sexual assault is a sexual act in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or non-consensual sexual touching of a person.

Sarah is a sophomore at Clemson University studying biology. Sarah had just finished her final exam and wants to blow off some steam by going to a frat party with some of her sorority sisters.

When Sarah and her friends arrived at the party, they began drinking alcohol in large quantities. While Sarah was intoxicated, she met a cute guy from the fraternity named John who she began talking with.

She was unaware of her surroundings due to the amount of alcohol that she had in her system, while he was just mildly buzzed. After some time with John, Sarah decided she wanted to go home early from the party. However, Sarah’s sisters told her that they were going to stay a little longer, so they called an taxi to get her home safely.

John suggested to Sarah that they ride back home together since he lives just a few blocks away from her, Sarah accepts John's offer because he would split the fare with her.

When the taxi arrives back at Sarah’s apartment, John decides to get out with her. Sarah questions why he exit the car with her, and John says, “I can’t make it back to my apartment alone, can I just crash at your place?” Sarah drunkenly responds with a yes, not fully aware of what is happening. So John follows Sarah back, and eventually passes out on her couch, while she heads off to bed. Sarah wakes up late the next day with little recollection of what happened the previous night.

All she notices is that she is naked, and John is not there anymore. Sarah feels as if she has been violated, and does not know what to do...

Clemson It’s On Us: It's On Us at Clemson's mission is to end sexual assault on the Clemson University campus and to create a safe, supportive campus environment for all survivors of sexual violence.

Sarah is on the recovery path from her experiences and has found the resources on Clemson’s campus very helpful.






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