This is Mercy By Gina Troia

Mercy High School is a special place. Many women call this place their second home. Mercy is where we gain a better understanding of our faith and who we are. Mercy makes us become women of mercy. Through the help of our amazing teachers, our friends, and God.

At Mercy, we gain strength through our faith. Our beautiful chapel is used for quiet reflection and prayer.
We enjoy each other’s company. We tell jokes, talk about school, and of course spill tea
We always have open doors in the library and chapel
Girls who study with together, stick together.

Mercy is faith, knowledge, and friendship. Mercy provides the girls a safe space to grow as women. They give students confidence to succeed in life. Mercy gives us life long friendship and loving sisters all over the world.

For more information visit Tea Time at mercymonarchs.org

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