Memory How much does the easy accessibility of information impact our memory?


Today in class I took the quiz on memory. I scored a 9/10 on it, which yet again to my surprise I am still shocked at. I didn’t study for it at all except for just writing down some tentative quiz questions, and skimming through the chapter five minutes before I actually took the quiz. I guess that just goes to show that we can retain a lot more in our short term memory than we actually realize. Today I believe we are going to probably finalize our project idea and begin everything necessary to do it. I have yet to do any of the elective readings yet, and should probably do that too. I think that for our project we should do some time of memory game of some sort or exercise with people, and try and connect that to a TOK question.

By the end of class I learned a little bit more about my project and memory as a way of knowing. Memory isn’t just about memorization, contrary to many peoples beliefs. A lot of what we know and remember comes from recall and muscle memory. Our project we decided, will examine the relationship between recall and memory. We will do so with a pattern recognition game that will hopefully help us answer our question.


Today we had our last day of working on our presentations before we have to present on Thursday. Today I learned about the Google Effect and its relation to memory as a way of knowing. I learned that the Google Effect is our ability to forget easy to remember information due to the fact that we can just access it again online through search engines such as Google. I think that overall we are quite ready to present on Thursday. We have yet to actually perform our experiment, however we have come up with questions to ask people, and have decided on a date as well as essential question to relate all our information back to. What’s left to do now is perform our experiment and then take that data and figure out how we are going to answer our essential question. Once we have that all done we just need to formulate everything together, and then we can present. I also need to begin to study for the quiz on Imagination that I will need to take on Thursday before my presentation.


Google effect: The tendency to forget information that can easily be found online.


How old is the Earth?

- 4.5 billion years old

Who was the 43rd president?

-George W. Bush

When did WW2 end?


What is the quadratic formula?

Why do we celebrate the 4th of July?

-Independence day of America

Who was Christopher Colombus?

-Man who supposedly discovered America

Who did the pilgrim’s befriend?


Google Effect

Reflective Journal Entry


Today we presented our presentation to the class, and overall I think it went pretty well. We explained the effect The Google Effect can and may have on individuals nowadays, and shared our data and findings with the class. We discussed the fallibility of our presentation and discussed some of the limitations we had. Due to us really only asking students the questions, they had a slight bias and new the answers probably more easily than the average adult or person not currently actively learning in a school setting. After we presented Mr. Morrison thought that our presentation wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and that we should re-do a portion of it. He told us he wanted us to make a fake google forms document and send it to everyone in the class, and collect data but put it all on an excel spreadsheet. He said he wanted us to know how to use it just for future use. I really liked the Memory WOK in TOK and genuinely found the Google Effect to be extremely interesting and intriguing. I read the long elective reading about the Google Effect and found it to also be very insightful and full of information. Personally although we overcame a few obstacles in terms of planning this time around, I really found this WOK to be quite enjoyable and I learned a lot.

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