Lonestar Campus Police By Linda Estrada

"The mission of Lone Star College Campus Safety is to ensure the safety and security of our students, staff, and the property of the System."

Lonestar College Cyfair Police Captain- Felton Pete (281) 292-3979 felton.r.pete@lonestar.edu

In case of an Emergency there are phones located around the school. On these phones you can dial Campus Police Emergency Line 5911 & Operator 9911. These phones are operated by the Dispatch Center which works with the campus police to help determine the priority and nature of the call and properly address the situation. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and are trained to answer multiple phone lines emergency and non emergency calls.

We can also find police officers at LSC Police Department Communications Center ( Police Dispatch) is located on the front desk of LSC System Office.

Look for a Campus police if you have a question. Campus police supports students in their college experience and success in various of ways, for example,

Students are able to find campus security officers on most parts of the campuse in case they are lost or have a question.

If a student is feeling uncomfortable due to a threat, harassment etc, campus police may be contacted via campus emergency phones, or found at the Police Dispatch to give the report.

Police supports the students college experience by making sure students feel at peace while being on campus during class, while enjoying the gym, studying outside on the tables, library and other areas Lonestar provides for students to enjoy.

The Police Department provides programs on rape, sexual assault, personal safety, alcohol/drug awareness, DWI, burglary/theft prevention and harassment upon request.

They are also involved with the Counseling center in the campus so that students that are going through rough situations like sexual assalt, rape etc can get the help they are looking for by referring them to centers that assist those types of crisis.

These things can help students feel more at home, this allows them to focus on their academic goals by not having to worry every time they come to school. Also it allows them to seek help when sometimes the help can't be found at home.

The best part of this is that there is no appointment needed when looking for a campus police, they will be around the campus monitoring the school.

We can feel safe at all times!! Campus police are always on the move no matter how busy the campus may be, this is why they don't have a segment in the semester when it gets busier than others. They are always on their toes looking out for anything suspicious but also helping out the students in need even something simple as finding their class.

Students may search campus police on lonestar.edu search engine and they will find a lot of information on what they do. They will also find an anual security report online catalog where it narrows down and explains in detail how the Campus police work, how they get their job done etc.


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