What does it take for someone to change the world? BY CLARA EASTON


In this presentation I will be talking about how someone changes the world. There are lots of different views of how someone changes the world but in the end they all somehow link to each other.

Changing the world requires confidence

I think changing the world requires confidence because otherwise you wouldn't have enough strength to keep going if you failed or if somebody didn't like your idea. Emma Watson is 1 of my examples because i think she has a lot of confidence and she is trying to change gender equality.

Emma Watson is my example

Changing the world requires courage

I think changing the world requires courage because courage is the voice inside you saying try again tomorrow.Courage is what makes you act in spite of fear.

changing the world requires bravery

I think changing the world requires bravery because you have to stand up for what you believe even if your the only one on that side.

Changing the world requires presicion

I think changing the world requires precision because if your not precise with what you want to do people are going to think your doing something totally different than what your actually doing.


In conclusion

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