FALLACIES BY Austin Spencer

A fallacy is a bad way to ARGUE....

In fact even new writes mistakenly use them; but professional speakers use them intentionally to throw off audiences.

It means Deceive in Latin.

5 common Fallacies are: Ad Hominem, False Dilemma, Red Herring, Slippery Slope, and Straw man.

An Ad Hominem is always an argument against the other person. See video for more.

Next is the False Dilemma : Provides someone with two extremes to choose one being obvious and one being worst case scenario.

Red Herring : to distract someone from the argument by using irrelevant details.

A Slippery Slope makes an argument that you'll make bad decisions after bad decision.

Straw Man: Makes an opposing argument weaker than it is to shut the argument down easier

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austin spencer

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