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2nd Grade Class

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Read & Practice Poetry from Dojo

Keep up with our classroom events and daily participation assignments on Dojo. Click on the Dojo link below and access your profile and begin earning points.

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April 24th code is YZG GAX

Let's Dojo...

6th Period High School Literacy

We Dojo!
Scan QR Class Code for 6th Period Dojo Class - if you need an alternate code let me know please!

Everyday Mindfulness Activity Check -In

Everyday ~ complete one of the activities below for 5 min and snap a picture or comment and send it to me on Dojo!

~ Clear Your Mind ~


~ Organize Life ~

Write down your assignments for the week from your other classes. Snap a picture of your plan and send it to me in Dojo.

Daily Check-ins with Dojo!

Monday ~ Meme fact check; share a pic and findings.

Tuesday ~ Travel somewhere virtually. Share your pic & comment!

Whack ~ Wednesday share something that's just not right.

Thursday ~ therapy Zoom day at 1pm together...

ECS Music/Drummers

Scan QR code for Drummer Dojo Class -if you need an alternate code, let me know please.

Course Assignments

Check in daily to your Dojo portfolio and send me an update on how you are doing!

Find a clean beat online weekly and share it through your Dojo portfolio. Comment, record or draw something to discuss the genre, feeling, motivation or meaning of the song to you...Also, comment on someone else's submission after I post it.


Created with images by Plush Design Studio - "untitled image" • Alex Perz - "One of the last mailboxes’s around that I can find." • Joshua Eckstein - "Non-toxic = edible, right?" • Harli Marten - "untitled image" • Estée Janssens - "Back to school with a bullet journal" • Denys Nevozhai - "This photo was shot with my DJI Phantom 3 in Thailand, Krabi in 2016. It’s possible to get to the Sirithan Beach (sandy island) walking from the mainland (more right) in the water. The maximum depth in the most shallow path is waist-high. A little inconvenience totally worth it because the beach is almost empty and feels like a paradise." • Paulo Infante - "Alfaia (maracatu drums)"