Equinox Exodus to the southernlands Desert jedi training with priestess elan

I have been given a glimpse of the year to come, my year of training and initiations into the Lineage of the Codes of Light, the Cult of Isis and the Magdalen Archetype that is coded in my blueprint. And yet I must move through two more months of Shadowlands in the forest alone with the wolf, a time of few allies, hibernation, poverty and enslavement of the feminine. The master of the house and beast returns from Hawaii and throws fiery swords at my bleeding heart. I am Punished, still in the realm of victim, practicing Ho'oponopono rituals daily to navigate my way back home. Sister healer Mahina come to my aid and administer Hape, delivering the blast of Tabacco to my third eye to show me the way back to the Brightlands. Sarah Brewer appears and welcomes me into her beautiful home by the creek. For three weeks I am baptized in restored Purity, a big sister working through her relationship to the Ocean. My the middle of March I am ready to embark, first to the Golden Nectar Palace in Berkeley to weave lyrics and conceive the Bass Opera with Miraculah, to dance and weave kundalini with Ella, and then to fly south to LA with Be Born, impish twin of cosmic child seduction who steals whatever you love most until you know it's value and find boundaries.

We arrive in LA and move through quite an ordeal, the pulsations between extremes illuminated and poured in on themselves as only the city of Lost Angels can do. Be's boss invites us to stay with him in the Holy wood, the first evening is a living prayer, a ceremony of transformation. Then we go to Holi, the Hindu festival of Colors. It is there that we encounter Peter Fae and lady joaelle. Peter distills this photo of me as Kali, about to embark on my quest through the southwest. My mission on this path is to link with Elan in Phoenix for a spinal pulling treatment to correct my scoliosis, and to meet my baby niece Lily for her 9 month birthday. The stretching of my spine is a full on medicine journey. I return to our rental trembling, barely acknowledging that there is a man lying on the floor listening to Tibetan chanting. I move into the bathtub and begin to shake. I am overcome by the waves of shakti billowing through my body, peaking just before orgasm. I feel as if I am in labor, birthing my divine Self. I am in the water for waving for hours. Then sleep. And emerge to a beautiful meal prepared by Elan and the gentleman on the floor. His name is Alexander Sharone, and I recognize him as my brother and spiritual lover and teacher and friend from many lifetimes.

Alexander Sharone, Durian King and Scorpion Alchemist

After two days of rest and resetting of my spine in the desert, I drive north to Sedona, and meet my sister Julia and brother-in-law Peter in the backyard gardens of the Chocolatree Oasis, where my 9 month old niece Lily is playing with her baby friends. I am celebrating Equinox with my family women, filled with joy and gratitude.

Lily my shamaniece
A glorious day at the chocolatree oasis, haven of delectable vegan cuisine amid the red rock spires of Sedona, AZ. On this Spring Equinox, I meet my niece Lily, the beautiful baby girl of my half-sister Juwels. As I sit in the cafe garden amid the hum of bees, I breathe in the smells of purity and joyful wonder. I am practicing the yogas of gratitude and innocence.

Ella and I continue on to Eden Hot springs and then Santa Fe, New Mexico, so that Elan can treat a very special client named Ali. Ali is an Egyptian navy captain and Amazonian Kambo frog medicine man. We help him, and he administers the poison burn to cleanse my organs and lymph and purify my soul. I shake and Swell and belch and sing and purge my way into the realms of the feminine. I sing the reverberation to echo within my perfect mate, to attract union with my twin flame. I am heroically transformed.

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