Spartan Obstacle Course Racing

Spartan's most known obstacle the Multi-Rig. It is known really well because it fails mostly everyone who tries it.
This obstacle is the Hercules Hoist and is quite tough. You must pull up a bag (150 pounds for Men and 100 pounds for Women) to the very top and slowly bring it back down.
This obstacle is called slippery wall and is pretty self explanatory. The wall is covered with water and mud, you must use the rope to help get yourself over the wall.
Rope climb is easy and doesn't require a lot of upper body strength if you know one of the many techniques like the J hook.
This is the Dunk wall the water is waist high and you must make your way the wall then go under it. You must fully submerge yourself under the water to get to the other side of the wall.
The Fire Jump is the last obstacle of the race and is just for fun. You just have to jump over logs on fire.
Spartan has tire flips as an obstacle you must flip it forward and back. The best way to do this obstacle is to pick it up using your legs in a squat position.
Spear throw is very fun except for the fact you only have one try to make it. There are many techniques for throwing the spear an example is throw at an angle or throw it like a dart.
Bucket brigade is quite tiresome for you are carrying a bucket filled gravel. The best way to do this obstacle is to lock your wrist like in the photo.
You must careful with barb wire crawl you don't want to cut yourself. There are two ways to complete this one is to crawl and the other is to roll sideways.
This is similar to Bucket Brigade but you are carrying a log instead. For log carry you are best off doing the same thing in the photo.
Atlas Stone Carry is tough you must pick up a Cement Ball (70-80 pounds for men and 50-60 pounds for women) and carry it about 20 yards then drop the ball and do 5 burpees then carry the ball back to its original position.

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