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President's Welcome

G’day 2019 Barossa United members,

By now you are all prepared for either playing or being families of players for the 2019 season. This year promises to be another exciting one for all of us representing the Barossa United Soccer Club.

We are currently at junior player registrations of 225 with team representation in all age groups from under 6 to colts , with the exception of under 14, and have a new under 15 girls team representing the club in Football Federation South Australia.

The continuing growth in numbers requires us to determine the priorities that the clubs committee needs to focus on. For instance do we embrace more players in upcoming seasons or firstly establish a better facility to accommodate more players at a higher level of structure and support than we currently have.

Without a doubt the underlying principle that we have is to create the opportunity for as many people as possible to play Soccer in the Barossa Valley.

Certainly having both male and female senior teams, allows for a realisation for all junior players that there is a clear pathway from junior ranks to senior which is an opportunity to continue their contact with the club on all levels that they want to. Our new U15 girls team, competing in FFSA competition, hopefully will also reduce the departure rate we have historically seen for girls in the U16 to colts age group.

As the soccer destination for the Barossa Valley we also need to facilitate and create opportunities to provide better quality equipment for games and training, increase the quantity and quality of pitches, playing strips, car parking, change rooms, club rooms, toilets, equipment storage and access to our venue.

So is there anything that you can provide this season that will elicit a faster realisation of a better outcome for you as a player, for your child if you’re a parent or for the teams that travel to the Barossa to play us every weekend throughout the season?

Yes there is.

I encourage you to put up your hand and nominate yourself for anything this season that you can see needs doing, whether it be picking up a bit of rubbish when your around the club, being the parent that brings oranges on game day, manning the canteen when it’s your teams turn, running the lines, coaching a team, completing a weekly club maintenance task or being on the committee in either a role or to be involved in the decision making of the club for this season.

I recognise that all of these things take time and effort, and everyone has different amounts of both available to give so I thank everyone who has had input into getting the club to this point of the season. In lieu of having time and effort available you may see yourself in a position to support the club financially through sponsorship and the committee has over the summer put together a sponsorship package with several options available.

As a club we definitely need more people to fill roles in all areas, better equipment, improved quality and more access to playing/training areas to allow for a continuity of consistent and ideally improved quality resources in all facets of the game for everyone. This will create an increased satisfaction in the playing activity each week, a better viewing experience for spectators and a motivation for opposition to make an effort to travel to the Barossa for away games.

If you see myself or any committee members at the club on training nights or game day please say ‘hello’ and let us know of any thoughts you may have on improving your soccer club.

Cheers and have a fantastic 2019 season.

Chris Smith


Meet our Committee

Kirsty Rosenzweig – Registrar - registrar@barossaunited.com.au

Hi I’m Kirsty, I am the Registrar of the Club, after deciding 1 year of coaching was enough for me! I have sons playing in the U12 and U9 and I am usually at the Club on a Wednesday evening.

Amy Heinicke- Accounts - accounts@barossaunited.com.au

Hi I’m Amy, my role is the Accounts Treasurer for the Club and this is my second year. I am also on the committee who organises the Presentation Day. My son Andrew plays in U13.

Lisa Ognjanovic – Secretaty - admin@barossaunited.com.au

Hi, I'm Lisa. I have boys in the U8 and U10 with training on Thursday nights so please come and see me if there is anything you wish to discuss. I also administer the Sports Voucher program for the club so if you have any questions about that come and see me.

Michael Schild – Modifieds Coordinator

Hi I'm Michael the Under 8's Coach and Modifieds Coordinator, this is my second year of coaching after assisting with the Under 7's team last year. My son Thomas plays in the Under 8's and I also play in the Men's team and have previously played for a number of Collegiate teams in Adelaide. I am passionate about soccer and the positive impact it can have on kids and feel like I have come full circle as I was a member of inaugural Greenock Junior Soccer Club, before it became Barossa United Junior Soccer Club. I am excited about the future of the Club given the opportunities that are before us and look forward to working with the other committee members to provide a positive environment for players to develop and help to grow the club by increasing the profile of soccer in the Barossa.

George Triandafyllidis – Committee Member (Equipment & Schedule Coordinator) - coordinator@barossaunited.com.au

Hi, I'm George. As a committee member I look after the equipment and coordinate all of games for the season. I see it as a supporting role and to help wherever I can. I also coach the U11 Black and the U15 Girls Teams, both training on Tuesday nights.

The Equipment Coordinator role is simply making sure all the teams have all the equipment they need for training and match days. The main body of work is during the pre-season, taking stock of all the equipment and then topping up where needed.

In my role as schedule coordinator, I take the season draws provided by the EDJSA and FFSA Leagues and extrapolate out the relevant information for all our teams. In the first few rounds the draw can change due to teams folding or being moved into another division, and is therefore not finalised until about Round 2 or 3. Once locked-in, I can create the “BUJSC All Teams Home or Away” Sheet, which covers all the teams and delegates each team's weekly tasks (canteen duty, setting up nets, packing up nets, away strips, washing away strips, sending match day scores to the EDJSA etc). This season we have 15 Junior teams and 2 Adult teams playing in two different leagues averaging out to over 300 games to coordinate!

BUJSC installs a defibrillator

Thank you to all the wonderful fundraising of the club members at the 2018 Quiz Night we have been able to purchase a defibrillator for the club. The defibrillator was purchased through St John Ambulance Australia.

A defibrillator is a life-saving device used to treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a condition that occurs when the heart unexpectedly stops pumping due to a sudden knock or an underlying medical condition. When a defibrillator analyses the heart rhythm and recognises an abnormal rhythm, it will decide whether a shock is required to be delivered or not. Defibrillation is the process of attempting to restore the heart’s normal rhythm and is crucial in the first five minutes following a Sudden Cardiac Arrest to maximise the person’s chance of survival.

This piece of life saving equipment will be kept inside the door of the club house, mounted on the wall for easy access. Please familiarise yourself with the location.

A representative from St John’s will provide training in the use of the defibrillator on Thursday, 4th April at 5pm. We encourage as many members to come as possible.

The Defibrillator is located just inside the BUJSC Club Rooms Door for quick access.

St John's First Aid Kits

In March the club had St John’s do a full check and update of the first aid kits. This will now become a yearly event at the start of each season. The club is now equipped with the following:

2 x full workplace first aid kits

These are the large orange kits; one will be located in the kitchen and the other in the club room. The one located in the kitchen has burn dressings in case there is ever an incident in the kitchen which requires dressing.

Two full work place kits (left) and the two sideline kits (right) located in the Club Rooms near the kitchen door.

2 x sideline kits

These kits are the white square boxes that sit on the sideline of the halfway line and can be used by either team. They are stored in the club room on the benches to be collected prior to the first game.

18 x coaches first aid kits

These kits are carried by your coach in the kit back and have been designed to have the day to day things that may be needed such as, instant ice packs, tape, eye flush and bandaids.

Coaches kits have varying containers but they are all stocked the same. These should be taken to every game and training session.

No Smoking Zone

Barossa United Junior Soccer Club is now a No Smoking Zone (including e-cigarettes). You will see the new signs up around the ground and on the gates as your enter the pitch areas. The No Smoking Zone starts as soon as you enter through any of the gates on to the grassed areas. Please respect the decision of the Club and assist us in making the grounds the best possible environment for children to play sport.

BUJSC Coaches Training

On Tuesday 19th February, BUJSC coaches were invited to attend an FFSA coaching clinic to be facilitated by former Adelaide United player Cristiano Dos Santos Rodrigues, now FFSA Coaching Education Manager.

The clinic was well attended by the coaching fraternity and following an introduction, which included Cristiano presenting his extensive CV*, the coaches were keen to take the pitch for a mostly physical clinic.

The theme of the clinic was ‘Engagement and Repetition’ with the aim for Coaches to have players constantly involved by touching the ball continuously during a training drill and ensuring that coaching feedback is provided prior, during and post activity.

On a warm night in February the coaches were thankfully supported by several junior players on the night to undertake drills. The players represented the club admirably with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn, which from a coaching perspective was an encouraging way to start the season.

FFSA will be more proactive this year by providing further sessions such as this and based on discussions between the coaches the feedback is that this will be avidly supported.

* Cristiano Dos Santos Rodrigues. Brazilian by birth. Professional contracts from the age of 16 with teams in Holland, Switzerland and Australia – awarded ‘Goal of the Tournament’ at the 2008 Club World Cup playing for Adelaide United.

The BUJSC Coaches all really enjoyed Cristiano Dos Santos Rodrigues' energy coaching tips (centre row, third from left) and some eager juniors enjoyed the Pre-Season kick!

Entertainment Books

Around the Grounds

Please send any photos of your training or games to include in our 'Around the Grounds' section to admin@barossaunited.com.au!

Under 6's are eager to start the season!
Under 8's
U10's Red
U11's Black overcame pre-season heat issues with water-balloons and ice-creams!
U11s v U15 Girls Trial Game
U15s Girls Inaugural Game against Salisbury Inter Black at home

Thanks for your support

Barossa United Junior Soccer Club is hugely grateful to our sponsors for their support. Please support the local companies who support us by liking their Facebook pages (links below)!


Steinborner Barossa


Barossa Valley Brewing


Calabria Family Wines

Contact Us

The Committee Members are always available to have a chat about how you can help out at the Club, or if you have any concerns or issues you would like to discuss please feel free to contact us.

Chris Smith - President – 0487 164 962 – president@barossaunited.com.au

Lisa Ognjanovic - Secretary – 0410 917 824 – admin@barossaunited.com.au

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