The Harn Museum By: Katrina Crider

Technique of the Artist

Manhattan by George Grosz. This oil painting on canvas is a must see. The technique used by Grosz makes this work particularly interesting. Rather than painting the Manhattan skyline from background to foreground, layering all the skyscrapers as they are in reality, Grosz overlapped lines and buildings making the skyline look confusing and endless, much as it appears to those who are there.

Design of the Museum

My favorite space in the Harn was the Asian Water Garden. Spending time out in the garden was a good way to clear my head. The set up of the garden was very beautiful, and it was nice to see an outdoor space in the museum.

Art and Core Values

Seeing the photo of Frida in Frida in Front of the Unfinished Communist Unity Panel by Lucienne Bloch made me feel powerful. The way Frida holds herself with such confidence reminds me that if Frida could be so sure of herself during a time where women were not encouraged as much as we are now to be proud and confident, then I can be too. Confidence is a value that I feel is very important to my success and my happiness.

Art and the Good Life

Prism by Marilyn Minter was one of my favorite pieces of art in the Harn. Minter represented the glamour that is expected of women with her photograph of a dolled-up woman with jewels in her mouth. This photograph shows excess. It makes a statement about the routines women go through to be considered desirable and about the society that encourages them. I think part of seeking the good life is letting go of societal expectations and the opinions of others. Our lives amount to nothing if all we were was desirable. When I die, I want to be more than "desired."

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