The Red Panda by calvin miller

What a red panda looks like?

What is colorful, can climb trees, and likes cold weather. A red panda! First, let's look at a red pandas size. Sometimes a male red panda can weigh about 3kg -6.2kg and its length is 60cm -120cm. The size of a baby red panda is 10 to 20 feet in length and is 20 to 26 inches long. A female red panda's length is 3 to 6-0kg. Secondly, the red panda's body is striped with thick rusty colored fur and a black nose. Their nose helps them smell predators from far away. This animal has a false thumb that helps it grab branches and climb trees. At night a red panda climbs trees so it can sneak up on prey. Another thing this creature can do is run up to 27mph and by doing that they can lose predators in the trees to stay safe. If you take a look at the red panda's amazing appearance you might actually see one.

Where a red panda lives?

Of course if you ever want to see one of these amazing animals you have to know what their habitat looks like. First, they live in the continent of Asia. In Asia they live in a mountain range in the thick shade of the trees. The name of the mountain range they live in is called the himalayas. Next, the temperature red pandas live in is between 10 and 25 degrees. Their thick rusty colored fur keeps them warm in the most freezing blizzard. This mammal gets 140 inches of rain and naturally sometimes snowfall. A red panda's thick green trees will keep this creature mostly dry. Lastly, you might want to know what a red panda uses to make a home. At night or day a red panda will build a nest from hollows it coil build birthing dens in stumps, hollow, trees, or rock crevices. It could also gather twigs or grass. They sometimes sleep in the warm branches of the trees. I hope you will see a red panda’s habitat. It is amazing

What a red panda eats?

Do you know what a red panda eats? Let's find out. First this creature is an omnivore. When an animal is an omnivore it eats meat and plants. The red panda is an omnivore and it eats berries, bamboo, and eggs. Next, this creature gets food by using its senses. A red panda's nose can sniff a lot of things from very far away. Its hearing is also excellent because it can hear a predator to keep the red panda safe. Lastly, the mammals predators are martens, snow leopards, humans and other small carnivores. Humans are harming red pandas because the humans are cutting down trees to make room for cozy homes. Now the red panda can not climb many trees to escape predators or sleep in the cool trees. I hope you know what a red panda eats and what their predators are.

Why is the red panda endangered?

Did you ever wonder why the red panda’s population is. Well there are less than 3,000 left in the wild. First, they are endangered because of illegal hunting. People sell their thick rusty colored beautiful fur for a lot of money. Next we are setting deer traps for deer but deer might not be the only one getting caught. One of the other animals is the red panda, the red panda can’t see the traps so they’re getting caught just like any other animal. Last but not least, this creature is also endangered because of deforestation. Deforestation means loss of trees and habitat people are cutting down trees to make room for buildings and homes. I hope you know why red pandas are endangered and how we can help them keep their habitat

How do we help help the red panda?

Do you ever wonder how we can help the red panda? First, we can stop building houses and other things in a red pandas habitat. If we keep cutting down the thick green trees to make room for buildings and houses the red panda will soon become extinct. Secondly we can stop setting traps for deer. Both the red panda and are getting caught in traps by poachers so not only are we making the red panda safer but the deer too. It would be terrible to make deer on the endangered animal list too. Some other animals besides the deer and red pandas could get caught in the traps for deer. Lastly it is mean and not funny to kill any animals. We can stop illegal hunting by making laws or finding the red pandas a safe place to live. Another reason to stop illegal hunting is because the people you sell any fur to might think it is okay to poach animals to and then there are too many poachers. Clearly we can save the red panda if we try.


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