Can I share something with you ?

Have you every heard "leap for joy" or "jump for joy"?

Think about it. Leap. For. Joy. That means you leap first then you get the joy. You jump first then you get the joy.

Humans are conditioned to believe it's the other way around. "When I'm happy I'll leap or jump as a expression of happiness".


Thoughts lead to emotions. You can control your feelings by actively choosing your thoughts. Trust me I've been in the dark. And I've been in the light.

When you DECIDE you're going to be joyous no matter:

Who or if you're in a relationship.

If your children are happy.

If your finances are in the crapper.

What you drive.

Where you work.

Who you have to deal with on a daily basis.

Where you live.

Whether your family loves or shuns you.


Your soulmate shows up.

Your kids work through their garbage.

The money flows.

You get a better ride.

Your dream job or self employment happens.

People start respecting you.

You move to a sweet new crib.

And your family members see you in a new light.

I've tested this. This. Shit. Works.

Go ahead. Try it yourself.

What do you have to lose ?

Created By
Marsha Lane Foster


The Dreamers journey

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