Dance is a Sport By:BAILEY BARTLEY

Is dance really a sport?

In my opinion, dance is a sport because it requires everything someone playing football would need. You need confidence, you win, and get medals and you may not exactly score a goal with a ball, but you definitely score a goal with your body when you win first overall! If gymnastics and cheer are sports, then dance is definitely a sport too! I was reading on and someone said that in dance you don't break a sweat. You get more sweaty than a whole cheer team combined! If you have ever seen a REAL DANCER come out of a dance class, you would know.

This is overall what people think about dance being a sport. As you can see most people agree. I have actually asked some of my friends about what they say so I could maybe in corporate it into my writing piece.....

The first person I asked said that they thought dance was not a sport. I asked them what they thought would make dance not a sport because after all the definitions I had read, dance was clearly a sport! She said, "No, dancers have the ability to do what actual sports players do, but dance is MOSTLY an art." I thought about what she said. She said MOSTLY. That is probably the one thing I can't explain. So that goes along with my 1st question, are all dance styles sports?

I asked someone else the same question and they said, " Yes of course, dancing requires the same amount of work as any other sport!" Now that was something I agreed with! I told her about everything I had read online and the definition of sport and athletic.

Sport- An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Athletic-physically strong, fit, and active

Something that might weaken my side of the argument is that the definition of art also describes dance very well and so I might have a great definition of sport, but then when the people that disagree search up the definition of art to try and prove me wrong, I don't know what I will say and then I have nothing to back me up.

Art- the various branches of creative activity including painting, music, literature, or dance

My evidence is......

1. My first piece of evidence is that dance requires just as much effort as other sports do. People say there are no rules in dance, but if you are a dancer you know there are certain rules you have to follow to be a good dancer. You have to point your toes, keep your legs straight, have loose ankles, spot the same place every time when you are turning....

2. My next piece of evidence is that we compete just like any other sports team. We have challenges just like them. Maybe instead of throwing the ball to the wrong team, you step on the wrong foot which takes you to the wrong leap. You get awards, and there are teams that loose to.

3. My last piece of evidence, is that we have to stretch just like football players do some weird exercises across the field to get them ready for their game. Except when we stretch, it requires a lot more work because not only do we have to be flexible, but we have to be strong to.

I would like my audience to tell people dance is a sport the next time someone says otherwise because of what I have said and the details I have given. According to the dictionary, dance is definitely a sport and I will always fight that it is!

Of course dance is a sport!!!!!


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