South Africa Awesume People, Places, and Music!

There are 55 countries in Africa. South Africa is the only one with a constitution and democratic form of government. South Africa has 11 official languages. English is the preferred language and anyone with a basic education speaks English.

There are 3 capital cities in South Africa: Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria. There are about 56 million people there in an area about the size of Texas. Johannesburg is the largest city with about 20 million residents. We were treated very well by every one we met. Very polite and welcoming people.

Table Mountain in Cape Town

Arrival in Cape Town. 28 hours plane ride through NYC, Amsterdam, then non-stop to Cape Town.

Beautiful colors everywhere.

Awesome shopping !!

National flower

Gold Restaurant, African music and food

Steve, about to JUMP!

Cables car takes us to the top of Table Mountain.

Cape Point. 1000 feet above South Atlantic Ocean.. 1000's of shipwrecks....

Mandela's last days in prison.

Nelson Mandela was a lawyer who fought apartheid, was arrested for treason and was imprisioned for 27 years. He was released in 1990. In 1993 he was elected President. He and Frederic deKlerk, the former State President, received the Nobel Peace prize that year. Never before or since have two people from the same street (in Soweto) won this award. He is considered the father of modern Republic of South Africa and seems to be respected by all.

Unbelievable wine vineyards throughout Stellenbosch area ...

Cape Point, south of CAPE TOWN.

Beautiful country side

Some of the Sweet Adeline singers whose purpose was to have two concerts in South Africa and conduct a day of musical training in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Concert at University of Stellenbosch.

Mandela's house in Soweto, Johannesburg

Mandela's home in Soweto.

Mandela statue in Johannesburg.

Inside Mandela's house

Inside Mandela's house where he was arrested.

Celebrating Winnie's birthday at their house.

Mandela's last home in Johannesburg where his widow lives today

Now we have our safari!

Spotted on walkway to our cabin!
Entebeni game reserve north of Johannesburg.
On the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

. Discovered by Dr. Livingston in 1855 while on a missionary trip to Africa. He described the falls as so beautiful that nobody in ENGLAND could possibly imagine how beautiful it is! Few people saw the falls, named for Queen Victoria, until a railroad was built in 1905.

Victoria Falls and bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Bridge built 1905.
Called "Steam that Thunders " by the locals.
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls , Zimbabwe.

Statue of Dr Livingston and the boat he used when he discovered the falls in 1855.

Victoria Falls.

Relaxing at our lodge the day before going home.

Last day at our lodge near Victoria Falls.
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