As a young boy growing up on a farm in Kentucky, gardening was done the same way every year. It was done with a small tractor, disc, turning plow, laying off plow, and so forth. It was traditional row gardening. One thing about it was - IT WORKED! We enjoyed the harvest for many years of green beans, corn, butter beans, peas, squash, and all the other standard garden fair.

Years went by, circumstances changed, but the shear desire to plant seeds and reap the harvest has remained constant. While traditional row gardening is not an option for me anymore, there are many other means to garden that in many cases may produce more volume in less space.

Last month we talked about planning what you want to plant. This month we are going to talk about different Gardening Choices. We have discovered there are several different ways to garden that do not involved tractors, plows, and the like.

The first Gardening Choice we would like to look at is called Square Foot Gardening.

Another less know Gardening Choice involves wood chips. You can learn more in this video called Back to Eden Gardening.

Another option is Container Gardening.

Another Garden Choice that can let you grow early in the spring and late in the fall is low tunnel Gardening. Here's more info.

Here are just a few Gardening Choices that you can think about this year. Gardening if FUN, sometimes exploring and investigating new ways of growing can be fun too.

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