Day 2 & Day 3 KUBECON 2017 AUSTIN

Day 2

December 7th 2017

Opening Keynotes

Yes... due to last night's partying, I decided to only attend the keynotes I wanted to hear i.e. the last two

Off to a myriad of sessions!

Upstairs, Downstairs and all round the building, there were sessions going on
The convention center is huge, and it takes at least 5 minutes to get between places.
Most of what I have from 10:30 to 5pm are pictures of slides so here's what I did after all the sessions were over:

There were no closing keynotes on the 7th...

Bar Hopping on Rainey Street

KubeCon Sponsors took over most of the bars on Rainey Street !
Rainey Street + Snow
It was the 4th earliest snowfall for the Austin area - the earliest being November 14, 1959


I was not well prepared for this...

Day 3

December 8th 2017 || The Final day

The Final Keynotes

A message to the Kubernetes Community !
To commemorate our experience, group photos of the scholarship recipients were taken after the closing remarks
I'm the one holding the peace signs ✌🏻

I finished up my KubeCon experience by rushing off to a select number of sessions and visited the Sponsor Showcase briefly before it was packed up promptly at 4pm while everything else ended at 4:30pm

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