My Career Cluster: Human Service Mora Mundt

A job in human services involves skills in communication, science, empathy, and critical thinking in order to comprehend human behavior in both individuals and communities. You must be familiar with how culture and society impacts and influence all aspects of our lives. Understanding how people interact with the world is important for maintaining well being for society and ourselves. Going into a career in human service can have various focuses, but overall the goal is to find systems, patterns, and habits that will make us the most happy, healthy, and effective in reaching our goals.

Career options in this field that appealed to me were sociologist, counselor, political scientist, psychologist, philosopher, and anthropologist.

Faster than average employment growth through the year 2024, coupled with high turnover, should create numerous employment opportunities.

Classes to take in high school that would be most beneficial: psychology, statistics, plenty of social studies/history classes, and even critical reading in English classes can help gain perspective on how others view things.

Some colleges that offer majors in social sciences in subjects like philosophy, ethics, theology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and/or mental health counseling: Adelphi University Garden City, SUNY Geneseo, Skidmore College Saratoga Springs

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