Sumo Japanese Worrior

This is how is all happens

Sumo reportedly began as a ritual in Shinto ceremonies to entertain the gods. Sumo wrestling is a tradition to Japanesepeople. Sumo wrestlers do the religious dance at the beginning for traditional religion. According to one legend it was originally practiced by the gods and handed down to people 2,000 years ago.

Sumo wrestlers eat 3 times more than we do there weight is 150Kg and more. A typical sumo wrestler eats a Dailey diet of 20,000 calories a day. After wrestlers eat they take a nap straight after. Some eat 10 times more thacn a regular male would eat. The main dish that sumo wrestlers eat is a stew called chankonabe.

Sumo wrestlers were nappies because as a part of the ring entry ceremony. In sumo a mawashi is a belt that the rikishi during training or competing. Upper ranked professionals were a Kesho-mawashi. They wear nappies as a tradition.

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